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March 17, 2009

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast,
Archbishop of Ottawa 

Your Grace,

Last week I read a disturbing report about the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace’s scandalous activities in funding pro-abortion groups in Mexico.  The report claims that hundreds of thousands of dollars are being donated to anti-life, pro-abortion organizations.  I have included the full news report here with my correspondence.

As you know, each diocese in Canada collects money on behalf of the CCODP every year. There is a collection envelope during Lent to help fund their activities.  This year it is scheduled for this coming Sunday March 29.

For many years, the CCODP has long supported questionable causes, many of which are diametrically opposed to Catholic teaching and the traditional family.  Over the years the CCODP has been more interested in promoting social Marxism and social engineering than fulfilling its original mandate of seeking authentic social justice. Personally, I have long since stopped supporting this organization since it is neither Catholic, nor does it seek to foster development or peace. In truth, it sponsors activities and groups which do the exact opposite. I have strongly encouraged family and friends to eschew donations to this group, and I will continue to do so in the future unless some major changes happen within this organization.

This latest revelation, however – while not surprising – represents yet another outrage against the sanctity of human life. What makes this scandal particularly offensive is that the CCODP is taking the sacrificial offerings of unknowing Catholics, who would otherwise be appalled at these revelations, and directing their donations to groups who support the killing of unborn children. 

This situation is even more disgraceful considering Ottawa Catholics are heavily involved in the 40 Days for Life Campaign to end the scourge of abortion in Canada. While we are praying, fasting, witnessing and sacrificing here in Ottawa, our money is going to Mexico to kill our brothers and sisters there.

I do not understand why the Catholic bishops continue to support such an organization when it has shown us time and time again that it is more interested in furthering the agenda of the Culture of Death than it is in advancing the Gospel of Life. 

This is not merely an isolated event.   This theft has been happening for years, and it has not come without a serious cost of credibility to the bishops of Canada.  You must understand, your Grace, that this kind of blind support and perhaps even negligent oversight over the initiatives of the CCODP does not enhance the trust or the fidelity a bishop’s office deserves.

I can scarcely imagine a more obscene practice which cries out for immediate intervention and correction by the country’s Catholic bishops. 

I am therefore asking you to withhold any contributions collected on behalf of the CCODP by the Archdiocese until a full and thorough review is conducted into the beneficiaries of CCODP funding. 

If the Archdiocese is seeking a legitimate way to alleviate poverty in the world while still remaining faithful to the Gospel, may I respectfully suggest a Catholic organization like Chalice ( which does the real work of social justice among the less fortunate.

As for the proper disposition on how to clean up the CCODP,  I can think of no better illustration than this past Sunday’s Gospel reading.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

John Pacheco


This past Sunday’s Gospel, in case anyone is wondering is Jesus cleansing the Temple:

Jesus entered the temple area and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. It is written,” he said to them, ” ‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it a ‘den of robbers.'”

– Matt 21:12-13

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11 thoughts on “Clean Up the D&P

  1. Dear John – These vast national Episcopal conferences need to be abolished. Randy Engel, US Coalition for Life [www.usc;.info] Come visit us. Randy

    The Latest USCCB Dog and Pony Show

    by Randy Engel

    From Catholic Family News December 2007

    As a Catholic writer, over the years I have covered a few of the main fall meetings of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops/ United States Catholic Conference, today known as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, in Washington, D.C. It didn’t take me more than a few sessions of reporting on the ecclesiastical politics of the NCCB/USCC to reach the conclusion that these semiannual meetings were nothing more than an elaborate dog and pony show staged by the “progressive” arm of the post-Conciliar American Church (Am-Church). So after a couple of tours of duty, I decided to trade in my plane ticket and the expenses of lodgings at the NCCB/USCC hotel of choice for a comfortable armchair at home where I could video tape the proceedings carried by EWTN and study them at my leisure.
    The debacle that took place last month at the November 13-16, 2006 meeting of Catholic bishops at the Marriott Waterfront in Baltimore in connection with the passage of the “gay-friendly” USCCB-drafted document “Ministry to Persons with a Homo-sexual Inclination: Guidelines for Pastoral Care” reaffirmed the wisdom of that decision.
    It’s no great secret, of course, that since its founding in 1966, the American bishops’ mega-bureaucracy has had an on-going love affair with all things liberal including the “Gay Liberation Movement” within and without the Church.
    Without the active cooperation of the NCCB/ USCC, the Homosexual Collective could never have so quickly and thoroughly colonized and metastasized the Catholic priesthood and religious orders and diocesan and parish life in the United States. Many bishops and cardinals who have served as officers of the NCCB or General Secretaries of the USCC have themselves been active homosexuals. From the earliest years of the NCCB/ USCC, avowed “gay” activists were recruited and placed in sensitive positions within the AmChurch bureaucracy. Likewise, key departments within the USCC such as the Office of Social Justice have used their extensive resources to advance the political agenda of the Homosexual Collective. Even the USCC Family Life Office was used as a vehicle to disseminate “gay” propaganda into Catholic elementary and secondary schools under the guise of so-called sex education.
    By the late 1970s, Dignity and New Ways Ministry, two of the most virulent strains of “gay” Catholic ministries operating in AmChurch had successfully established strong working liaisons with NCCB/USCC officials, staffers and sympathetic bishops. In 1986, after the Holy See belatedly put the kibosh on the use of Church facilities and resources by pro-homosexual groups, Dignity and New Ways went on to create new more inclusive “gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, sadomasochist ministries” to advance the ideological and political agenda of the Homosexual Collective in AmChurch. They also continued to provide direction and input into NCCB/ USCC documents on homosexuality including the outrageously “gay-friendly” documents “The Many Faces of AIDS” (1988) and “Always Our Children” (1997).
    Among the most important second-generation “gay” ministry groups in-spired by Dignity and New Ways is NACDLGM (National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries) which is currently active in 55 dioceses and 131 Catholic parishes in the United States and Canada.
    The most important thing the reader needs to remember about Dignity, New Ways, NACDLGM and other so-called “gay” Catholic ministries is that despite their religious trappings, these organizations are essentially political not religious. They are not “ministries” in the traditional sense of the word. Their objectives are ideological and political in nature and they are designed to extend and strengthen the hold of the Homosexual Collective on the Catholic Church in America and to secure its vast resources for their own ends.
    “Gay” ministries transform parishes into political and propaganda cells for “gay” activism. They undermine authentic Church teachings on Faith and morals.
    “Gay” ministries systematically strip parishioners of every vestige of natural revulsion that the normal person experiences when initially confronted by sexual perversion. Rather than helping the homosexual extricate himself from the vice to which he has become habituated, “gay” ministries confirm the homosexual in his sin and bind him ever tighter to the Homosexual Collective which frowns upon defectors. “Gay” ministries re-cruit like the Army, especially among vulnerable youth. “Gay” ministries have gone to great lengths to cover up the historical fact that pederasty, that is, sexual acts between an adult male and a minor male, has been the most universal and pervasive form of homosexuality from ancient to modern times.
    In a number of liberal dioceses, “gay” ministries have been instrumental in establishing “gay” parishes, that is, parishes that cater almost exclusively to a sexually-active “gay” clientele.
    Most Holy Redeemer Parish in the Archdiocese of San Francisco which is located in the “gay” Castro District of the city, recently made national headlines when news leaked out that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of homosexual drag queens nationally known for their anti-Catholic antics and blasphemous parodies, had secured MHR parish hall for a salacious night of revival bingo and homo-sex hosted by he/she Peaches Christ, a drag queen freak-nick who claims to be a descendant of Jesus Christ. Each year MHR participates is the annual Gay Pride Parade, and “gay” speakers and activists regularly use the pulpit and other parish facilities to promote their “gay” theology.
    Clearly, the American bishops don’t need USCCB “guidelines” for “gay” ministries. What they do need is explicit instructions on how to divest their dioceses from these organized forces of perversion and prevent further inroads from being made by the Homosexual Collective into the Church.

    Randy Engel is the author of The Rite of Sodomy – Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church. For additional information see

  2. As a Lutheran, I see things in a different light. The Catholic Church has a major credibility issue to deal with. Two terms one heard a lot of in the “old” days was “unity & scandal” The Catholic Church really tried to impress upon the rest of the Christian world how key these were in Catholic dogma.

    We are in a new era, and things are no longer the same as the ancient days. The Catholic Church needs to seriously look at who are the true Peters and who the real Judas’s are. To many Catholics, this may come as somewhat of a shock, but there are far too many Judas’s in the Catholic Church. The true Peters exist in many Protestant Churches. Take for example the National pro-life conference in Montreal in 2005. The denial took place by the Holy Cross Fathers from the oratory. Who took them in, but a small evangelical protestant church? (Peter)

    CCODP is another Judas that needs to be purged.

    The historic Christian church, which traces it origins to the first apostles, has now become a much different body of believers with a colourful mosaic of different denominations. This friends is the new reality. This new church will be a much stronger bride, including purity, chastity, and obedience to true orthodox, Christian doctrine.

  3. To Pacheo: I understand there is a certain amount of “Fundamentalism” that needs to be overcome. Define for me what you mean “united with the ‘Peter’ of Rome” Do you believe in a physical sense, which I agree may never happen. If you speak of belief in the true unadulterated doctrine, we are already in unity with the pope on many core issues, such as abortion. The last 2 popes the Catholic Church has had are very much respected by the Protestant community, whereas certain Catholic publications trash the Pope on a regular basis.

    I think you need to grasp who Judas was and what he did. He spent his time with Jesus, yet in the end he denied Him. There are far too many Catholics who fit this description, including the Holy Cross Fathers in Montreal, St Peters College in Muenster, who brought in Belinda Stronach for a fund raising event. Do these fall under the category “united with Rome”?

    This is the issue you Catholics have to deal with. What do you describe as loyalty? If you gave me a quiz of say a 100 question on basic catholic beliefs, I know for a fact I would score higher than as many 60 – 80% of today’s catholics.

  4. Oh, there is no question that the Church has many people who call themselves Catholic but are not.

    I simply mean that to ensure fidelity to the Gospel, we must be united with the Pope and the bishops who are united with the Pope.

  5. So, all I have to do is rush out and take an RCIA course, make allegiance to the catholic faith, but still retain my intense loyalty to the principles of the reformation? And this would be considered FIDELITY??

    I think Pacheo you are talking yourself into a corner.

  6. There is a deep disunity among the about 30,000 Protestant sects that exist in the world. Jesus new that if he left his followers to figure out the truth of His Gospel on their own, that is what would happen. That is why He established Peter as one voice to lead His sheep and lambs in unity. Without the divinely instituted Teaching Magisterium of the Church that Jesus established, there is no hope of unity among the faithful. Jesus knew that. That is why He established it. Under Peter is the only possible real unity.

  7. I think you have to realize that I am on your side. I am not attaching the Catholic Church out of spite. I for one believe in unity as much as anyone.
    My point being, which is hard for “fundamentalist” Catholics to under stand is if “UNITY” is such a big thing, why do you tolerate dissent such as at CCODP, The Holy Cross Fathers in Montreal, and St. Peters College in Muenster etc. You are only being hypocritical if you think the Catholic, as it exists today, is unified. You cannot see the plank in your own eye, but you can see the speck (of disunity) in your brother’s eye. You are delusional or blind if you claim to have unity within the Catholic Church. There are Protestants who are far more faithful to the Pope, and authentic catholic teaching than a high percentage of pew sitting Catholics.

    Come on guys work with me, I am only posting these comments to wake up the traditional church. Don’t forget I am on your side, but if you say you cannot accept us as we are, then your attempts at ecumenism are a farce. Because the ecumenical movement has done nothing more than share buildings or have bake sales together. We need to move to another level, and engage in MEANINGFUL dialogue.

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