Class Warfare in Islamanada

From the above we may begin to deduce that there are two classes of Canadian writers (including journalists, authors of books, and contributors to the Internet) who should not, at this moment, feel threatened with the loss of their freedom. These are gay activists, and fanatical Islamists. I would guess that radical feminists are also pretty safe — for the moment. And perhaps also those who harbour deep racial resentments against people with white skins. Everyone else is a “fair target.”

Indeed. As I have always maintained: there are two Canada’s right now. Those privileged to speak their minds and those who are restrained from doing so.  The gays, feminists, and Islamicists – being the most “oppressed” citizens – get a free pass at knocking off everyone else they find distasteful.  That’s the new social order in Canada: reverse discrimination on steroids.

The situation may change, however, for whimsical ideas about what constitutes a thought crime can and do vary from day to day. It may well be that the protected groups listed above become the hunted groups, in the next round, and I, an unambiguous supporter of free press and thought, will find myself defending gay activists, fanatical Islamists, radical feminists, and anti-white racists, when they take their turns before the kangaroo courts. “La revolution devore ses enfants,” observed Georges Danton, the great French revolutionary, when he himself fell victim to the Revolutionary Terror. “The revolution eats its own children.” (Source)

My sentiments exactly. And look, it’s already started.  Place your bets who wins: the feminists or the Islamicists.  Originally, I thought it might take a few years to play out between these three groups.  Now, I give it to the end of the year before everyone is so raped and pillaged that we’ll all agree to shelve the Star Chambers.

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