CJC Exposes Itself

Jonathan Kay has written a very revealing article on the Canadian Jewish Congress’ visit to the National Post’s headquarter’s last week.  You can read it  here.   Here’s an excerpt.

 The debate got much more interesting, though, when we started talking about the functioning of human-rights commissions themselves. To my surprise, members of the CJC delegation acknowledged that the folks who staff these commissions sometimes lack competence, and thus — as I have argued — give the adjudication of human rights a bad odour in some instances. (I won’t name names here, because the CJC clearly sees these commissions as allies, and I don’t want to embarrass anyone.)

I also sensed agreement that Ontario human rights commissioner Barbara Hall had overplayed her hand with her creepy April communiqué demanding more censorship powers for her provincial outfit.

One of the visitors — who shall remain unnamed — went further, suggesting that some human-rights commissions had become dumping grounds for political hacks without the skills to make it in truly merit-based jobs (my language, not his). He had the air of a man whose dream was being stifled by bad execution.

The editorial board jumped on this. To wit: If the people staffing these commissions are boobs, why would we trust them with the responsibility to police our most basic democratic right — the right to express oneself on matters of public interest?

A few things stand out in Kay’s juicy observations above.

1) I find it rather amusing that the CJC would suggest to a national newspaper that it’s using an incompetent quasi-judicial body, stacked with political hacks. What does this say about the integrity of the CJC?

2) If you were one of the alleged incompetent political hacks who just happened to work for the CHRC, would you feel more inclined or less inclined to entertain future complaints from the Canadian Jewish Congress?  Would you be willing to co-operate with them in furthering the cause against “hate crimes”?  Don’t know about you but if I were one of those “incompetent political hacks”, I can’t say that my enthusiasm level would be that high.

3) As Kay points out, if indeed the people filling the roles at the Commission are boobs who can’t make it in the real world, what the hell are we doing giving them the power to censor, fine, and all but destroy people’s lives?  When one of your biggest clients has such a dismal view of “Human Rights” employees, what possible support can such a system really have from not only its critics but the general population as well?

4) As a Canadian, I’m offended that the CJC would continue to use the CHRC for their own pet star chamber purposes,  all the while tacitly admitting that they tolerate the scam in order to meet their own particular objective of the day.  Mark Steyn wasn’t too far off when he said that we should all be so lucky to have our own personal inquisitions.

The Canadian Jewish Congress is showing itself to be a laughing-stock and it’s giving Jews a bad name.  It’s a good thing that so many righteous Jews like Kay and Levant are hitting back to help balance out the picture.  You have to wonder just how long the CJC can keep taking this pounding before it cuts bait.

One final question by Kay that merits comment:

What would they say, I asked, to an amendment to the Human Rights Act specifying that every complaint filed under Section 13(1) must be approved by Canada’s Attorney General, as under Section 319(6) of the Criminal Code.  To my surprise, they all seemed quite open to this — and said they had floated just such a change quite recently.

Why should the Attorney General’s participation have any merit?  You’d have to hire a whole department to handle all the complaints. You’d have to call it — wait for it — the Canadian Human Rights Department of the Attorney General’s office.  Sorry, but this doesn’t fix anything. Besides, is the Attorney General going to start wading into the politics of accepting some complaints and rejecting others?  Good luck with that. 

Besides, I simply don’t trust the CJC on this point. From where I stand, I see this as just another cynical ploy to get their cases pushed through while ensuring that complaints like those issued against Steyn and Levant are left out in the cold.  What about us Christians? We’ve born the brunt of these HRC complaints as far as attacks on religious groups go.   Our persecutors have been the gays.  Are we still going to get the shaft too with this new deal?  I’m with the Right against the Jihadis, but if the Right is going to cover its ass while leaving us Christians out of the loop, you can forget that. I don’t see the CJC making special mention of the persecution against Christians, after all.

It’s justice for one and justice for all.   None of these special deals just for high profile cases like Levant or Steyn. 

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