City workers find infant’s remains in North Toronto park

City workers found the lower half of a newborn baby’s body in a sewer drain at a North York park on Monday morning, according to Toronto police.

The remains, found at Heathrow Park near the intersection of the 401 and 400 highways, are believed to be a newborn, no more than a month old. (Source)

It still amazes me how nobody clues into the double standard between the tragedy of a newborn’s death vs. the collective yawn over abortion.

This part of the article is my fave:

Toronto police were appealing to anyone who may know a woman who suddenly stopped being pregnant without producing a child, Const. Kwong said.

Uh, officer… It happens about 100,000 times a year in this country, including a few hundred in the third trimester when a woman is clearly showing. Can you give me anything more to go on?

2 thoughts on “City workers find infant’s remains in North Toronto park

  1. Canada is a democracy that has been legalizing,and normalizing pure evil, as human rights. This legalization, normalization and pushing unnatural behavior on schoolchildren, as human rights has effected our society negatively. When The West changed it’s State Sanctioned Worldview from Christianity,to neutral Secularism in the 1960’s every kind of perversion started to be legalized,and therefore normalized as human rights. We elect Politicians to rule us,make righteous laws by passing good Bills. Vigilant citizens hold their Elected Representatives accountable,for the laws they pass. When the majority does this life starts to improve. Myself and other righteous individuals run for office for this reason. I ask the people who they vote for after Mass. The majority vote for the rotters, because they say they don’t want to waste their vote on a Christian Party. In democracies the people get what the majority wants.

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