Circulating Errors

…“The theological and philosophical errors which circulate in academic centers, seminaries and novitiates and which are spread through preaching and catechesis, give rise to confusion among the people of God, and are included among the causes of the present situation of faith,” said Archbishop Héctor Aguer of La Plata. “The New Evangelization requires the overcoming of these defects which weaken the certitude of the faith; for this reason, the formation of pastoral agents must correspond to the Magisterium of the Church.”… (Source)

Hey! I’m with you, your Grace!  Problem is…at the Pontifical University of St. Paul’s here in Ottawa, they’re not.

We’re a helpless seal being thrown around by a Killer Whale.

If the hierarchy wants to get serious about such errors, then those in authority MUST do something and stop talking about it.

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