CIDA Should Cut Development & Peace’s Funding

Earlier this year, Socon or Bust did a little report on a group called KAIROS Canada.  On November 30, 2009, the federal government announced that it was cutting KAIROS’s funding for, among other things, advocating against the State of Israel. Speaking at a forum in Israel, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, stated that the ecumencial church-based group lost its federal funding because of its position on the Middle East, and more particularly because of its anti-Israel stand. You can learn more about this political organization from Ezra Levant’s exposition herehere, and here.  You can also read this eye opening exposé of the organization written by Fr. Alphose De Valk and LifeSiteNews.

The funding which KAIROS previously received was from CIDA, the Canadian International Development Agency.  It is also the agency responsible for funding much of Development & Peace’s revenue (see $11.3M number beside Government Grants, line 4540).

Today, Socon or Bust learned that Michael Casey, the executive director of Development & Peace, has been appointed to KAIROS’s board:

KAIROS also announced the following new members of its board: Sue Wilson (vice chair), Stephen Allen (secretary), The Rev. Gordon Hayes (treasurer), and Michael Casey (member at large).  A member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of London, Wilson represents the Canadian Religious Conference on the board and is director of the Office for Systemic Justice for the Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada, where she is involved in research, advocacy with politicians, education and activism on a variety of justice issues.  Allen, who has served on the KAIROS board since 2004, has served as associate secretary, justice ministries for The Presbyterian Church in Canada since 1997. He represents The Presbyterian Church in various ecumenical bodies, including the Canadian Council of Churches.  Rev. Hayes also represents The Presbyterian Church in Canada, where he is associate secretary for Canada ministries in the church’s Life and Mission Agency.  Casey has been executive director of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace since 2005. He has more than 25 years of experience working with social advocacy organizations. He has worked with indigenous and other community-based cooperatives in Inuit and Dene communities in the Northwest Territories.  He also spent 14 years living and working in Asia. (Source)

This shouldn’t be surprising, of course, since Development & Peace admitted in their objection to the Federal Government of KAIROS’s funding cut that they were a “founding member and active partner” of this organization.

According to a recent Development & Peace videoDevelopment & Peace is also re-negotiating their funding commitments with CIDA. Perhaps, it’s time to petition the federal government to reconsider its partnership with Development & Peace.



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