CIDA Cuts Development & Peace’s Funding By 67.78%!

The Canadian International Development Agency has agreed to fund less than one-third of Montreal-based Development and Peace’s $49.2-million five-year request, leaving the large Catholic development NGO contemplating shrinking its programs.

In July 2010, Development and Peace asked CIDA for $49.2 million to fund its regular programming, aside from emergency aid, between 2011 and 2016.

The group is one of Canada’s largest Christian-based international development organizations. It is the official international development group of the Catholic Church in Canada.

The agency had given just under $45 million for the development group’s regular programming between 2006 and 2011.

Development and Peace ran out of that existing funding in September 2011. It has been running its regular programs on a shoestring budget since then, waiting to hear.

It cut back funding to 32 partner groups, and hasn’t been able to renew funding arrangements with 48 others. It also cut Canadian-based programs and operating expenses…

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