Church Then, Church Now

Remember when the Church forbade pro-abort or pro-same-sex “marriage” politicians from receiving honours or giving speeches at Catholic events?

Remember when Bishop De Angelis charitably but firmly handled the situation of an open homosexual who served as an altar server?

These are two examples of how the Church addressed and dealt with  persons who, by their actions or words, defied Catholic teaching.

That was then. This is now.

Today, if the Synod’s document is accepted, how can the past approach of “exclusion” be reconciled with the new pseudo directive of “inclusion”  — of walking, sharing, caring, accompanying, and integrating?  Not very well, I should say.

Consider the case of the adulterous priest.  Whether he is straight or gay, he thinks to himself, “Heck, if she can be an adulterous and be lector, why can’t I have my dessert on the side and be a priest?  Will not someone accompany me?  If the Church will tolerate and even integrate one adulterous union, why can’t we do it for everyone?”

One thought on “Church Then, Church Now

  1. A Catholic with tenure teaching at a Secular Pagan Western CANADIAN University realized that Western Catholics, and Protestants along with other worldview followers can be fooled all the time through the so-called “neutral”Secular school curriculum.The few who disagree with so-called “neutral”Secularism and it’s values are jailed and marginalized.All Totalitarian so-called “neutral” Secular Democratic Countries do this.They rewrite the textbooks to indoctrinate the people, starting with Kindergarteners, against the so-called “neutral” Secular worldviews political enemies.In Europe,America and Canada this new Worldview/Religion of neutral Secularism became The State Sanctioned Religion/Worldview in Government,Law and Education starting in the mid-1960’s.Before this Western Civilizations school teachers led their students in The Lord’s Prayer,and Sex Education was dating,courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex. “Neutral” Secularism is an evil lie. A Democratic society which indoctrinates it’s schoolchildren in the unhealthy values of so-called neutral Secularism using adult school teachers,Planned Parenthood and homosexual etc.,activists is a society of Christless evil criminals. The Nazi Supreme Court and Government also passed laws to normalize and legalize their policies.”What is legal is considered moral”,and thus is an idea used by criminal societies to justify atrocities,even indoctrinating Kindergarteners as Europe,The USA,and Canada does using adult school teachers,Planned Parenthood and homosexual etc.,activists,as so-called human rights.All so-called “neutral” Western Secular Democratic Countries that do this,and thus their faith is in their Worldview.Secular Christian Church is an oxymoron.Before Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity about the year 307, from Paganism which is much like so-called “neutral” Democratic Secularism, Real Christian men,women and children were humiliated and murdered for their values, by Government and Court decree.Church was parties of persecuted Christians who worshiped in secret,and Church did not mean buildings.Rome had Edifices and Clergy who worshiped unhealthy Worldviews and values.When the rulers with the majority of so-called neutral Secular Western Civilization decree Christianity Unconstitutional in Government,Law and Education starting in 1962,and so-called “neutral” Secularism Constitutional,real Christians began to be persecuted,and criminality started to be legalized.Look around you. Secular Christianity is an oxymoron as is Secular Christian Clergy,and Secular Christian Church Buildings.Lord Christ knows this,but the masqueraders believe He does not exist,and choose the worldview of Barabbas.Who’s worldview do you elect to rule you and your children in our Democracy today?

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