Church of the CPC to Build Shrine to Pierre Trudeau

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, (December 20, 2006) – The effort to complete Canada’s projected $311 million shrine to Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms seems to have received a significant new boost this past week – from an again unlikely source.The Winnipeg Free Press reported on Tuesday that the Conservative federal government is in the final stages of negotiating plans to designate the Human Rights Museum, which thus far has been a private sector effort, a national institution. By doing so the Harper led government would enable itself to cover the $12 million plus in annual operating costs that the museum will incur.

This $12 million annual funding will be in addition to the already hefty $100 million one-time pledge – made by the former Liberal Government under Paul Martin—that current Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has promised to honor.

The possibility of even further federal funding for the project comes as a surprise to many, who had expected the new Conservative government would step back from the costly project, the largest supporters of which generally hail from the far-left of the political and social spectrum.

Prime Minister Trudeau, whose 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms will be the focal point of the Museum of Human Rights, was well known for his sympathy for communist leaders such as former Chinese Chairman Mao Tse-tung and Fidel Castro.

Even if the federal government does decide to increase its funding of the Museum to the tune of $12 million annually, however, the project, according to its website, currently still needs $93.3 million in private funding. Interestingly, in Dec, 2005, the website stated the museum project was $54 million short. (Source)


I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Can someone please explain to me why a self-professed “Conservative Party” is building a museum to commemorate the trashing of traditional family values and religious freedom? Is it really necessary to pay for an icon of destructive social liberalism when we already have to face the provincial star chambers because we dare to question state sponsored sodomy? I could understand the Liberals or the NDP doing this. I cannot understand a so-called conservative party prostituting itself in such an undignified and unconservative manner…and spending my kid’s health care money to do it! When will the drones in the CPC realize that the Pierre Trudeau Fan Club and the Human Rights Cabal are merely moral communist poster boys pimping for every conceivable leftist-wing nut cause under the guise of “human rights”. In Canada today, as we all know, some humans have more rights than others.

Is Stephen Harper so blind that he thinks by throwing the Left a bone that he will secure their votes? Oh Nellie, say it isn’t so.

You know, for a long time now, the social conservatives within the Conservative Party have been telling us that Harper can only do so much for us because those are the political realities of our time. He can advance a little bit of the social conservative agenda, but he can’t push too far. Or else! Or else what? Or else the drones of the Conservative Party could be out on their collective arses and wouldn’t have their cushy phony baloney jobs anymore after the next election, and that would be universally acknowledged to be a complete disaster, n’est pas Pierre? Oui!

But what the Church of the CPC can do is hold the left at bay, and not propose or support any radical Leftist agenda. That’s what we were told. And yet now that this shrine is being built, we have to ask a very simple question: Is the Conservative Party playing us for fools or is it just really the same as the Liberal Party?

If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck. It’s a duck.

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