Church Members Mistreat Homeless Man in Church Unaware It Is Their Pastor in Disguise


Very powerful.

What?  No, health and wealth Gospel? 

Just the straight goods….right from the Gospel.

Talk about being shit-faced.  How many of us actually stop, talk and give money to homeless people, get to know them?  Last time I met one I refused (coming out of Church, no less…how slick is that?), I felt really crappy so I resolved in my heart to be more accommodating the next time.

Many of us do support the poverty stricken, but it’s usually at arms length…where it’s safe. Getting down in the dirt and making it personal is risky.

It’s the Francis effect, I think.



One thought on “Church Members Mistreat Homeless Man in Church Unaware It Is Their Pastor in Disguise

  1. When I used to attend St. Pat’s a couple of years ago and many years prior to that, there were always a few homeless and/or downtrodden folk standing outside the front and side doors.

    I not only got to know a few of them, but always gave what I could afford to at least one of them,I did in fact get to know one man so well, I would notice it when he was not there…say if he went away during the colder climes to somewhere warmer…who knows. Not the point. Not the point for me to pre-judge and “ass”ume he is using the little bit of money I do manage to share (It is God’s money, anyway not mine.)

    I also remember when I was living in very tough times and in my early recovery from my old life, when I had been so Blessed by God with reprieve from bad habits, I had put on my heart by God and Our Blessed Mother Mary to stop and talk , and to certainly smile at the people I encounter in such situations, because I only have any life and all its Blessings because of God’s Grace, and it is up to me if someone asks if I have spare change to tell the truth and say yes. Anything else is a lie, if in fact I do have money on my being. God has shared so much with me of His resources, it is totally un-Christian and rude on any level to not do the same when I can.

    Pompous and truly “self” righteous folk who have no idea how people end up where they are, are often the cheapest most judgmental and un_Christian people around and unfortunately middle class suburban Churches are often full of them At the Church I use to attend( I was involved in hospitality ministry, we would cook all our food and bring it to the 9:30 a.m. Mass on Sunday and we would eat with the community, all sharing one big potluck meal that took up the whole basement of the Church. We got to know the community of families (many of them poor and afflicted with drug/alcohol addictions etc. The Mass was a celebration and we got to serve our brothers and sisters less fortunate then ourselves and hopefully make them feel at least a bit of Christian ;love and welcome. The Mass began at 9:30 , after the big meal clean-up and fellowship , a lady friend and I delivered often n foot to the neighboring streets of apts, rooming houses, and low income homes , day old loaves of healthy donated by Loblaws ( I think) bread in bags that also contained and invitation to come one day if they like to our Catholic Service, that was held int the Church in Vanier. I would usually be done by 4p.m. and either bike home along the Rideau river to my apt on Lees Ave. or walk, and get to meet some of the natives who often fed the ducks down around there. I walked and rode my bike everywhere, and I met soooo many people. It was a wonderful time of healing after the fires, I had gone through. I saw so many double rainbows and glorious skies ( my apt faced north west, so I got to see the sun-set and also it was high up so I got to see the fireworks and balloons from the Gatineau festival, in September. There were a lot of what is considered poor and needy people all around me, when I walked downtown and I was Blessed by Our Lord and Mother Mary to meet and share with them I always prayed non-stop Rosaries when I walked and’or biked to Mass every morning, and I got to go to the old St; Clements early in the morning before I walked my dog, and after I got to see the sunrise. I would get up at 5.a.m. or so back then because it was so beautiful and quiet at the place on the Rideau river across from the R.C.MP. building where I would feed the swans, ducks and pray.That time remains one of the happiest of my life, and I still feel more at home often in Vanier with the real people than I do in suburbia. Not that there is anything romantic about poverty, but I was privileged to serve and the fact that many of these often terribly broken people allowed me in to their lives and trusted me, meant a lot.) That also was time of great joy and I worked at His Mercy in Vanier when I could, and spent one of the most memorable Christmas’ ever there, and then walking in the snow to Midnight Mass at St. Pat’s, then again the next day in a foot of snow nonetheless trudging ( I was able to move faster then the cars!) the distance to St. Mary’s on Young St. for Christmas Mass. I also attended another wonderful event , which I will leave out, suffice to say it was a place full of happy, sober and clean and
    joyful people who knew what real gratitude is.

    Sorry I rambled on, but it got me to thinking just how much God has Blessed me, and how much happier we are when we return what has been so freely given to us. That is real joy, whatever it may be, we can never out give God. So give when you can and if it is within your means and you will be Blessed.

    Thank You Dear Lord for You

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