Church in the West on a path to self-destruction? Part 1

The video below from makes two excellent points:

  1. Many Catholic bishops continue to praise and even canonize pro-choice politicians (you’ll see what I mean in the video).
  2. These politicians are directly using their power to undermine Church teaching and to foster institutions that seek to destroy Christianity in the West.

Doesn’t that strike you as a very dumb strategy on the part of the bishops?  Sow the seeds of your own destruction?  By the way, those seeds will strike hard at many Protestants too, so this isn’t just a Catholic issue.

Some people might take offense that I use the word “destruction” in reference to the Church.  After all, didn’t Christ promise that the gates of hell would never prevail against his Church?  He sure did, but that doesn’t mean the Church will survive everywhere.  He only promised that it would survive, but that doesn’t exclude the possibility that pockets of the Church can completely vanish in some areas of the world.  We’ve already seen examples of this throughout history.  Northern Africa and Turkey used to be very Christian.  The great St. Augustin, for example, was from the region we now call Algeria. How many Christians still live in these areas today?  They’ve been largely wiped out. The same could happen to us in the West.  I’ll have more about this in part 2 of this series.

5 thoughts on “Church in the West on a path to self-destruction? Part 1

  1. This is all about facing reality which our bishops simply refuse to face. The backslappers and the politicians among the clerical class is going to end up driving the Church in the West into severe persecution.

    That comment from the Bishop about Byrd is outrageous. It’s the same falsehood that the CCCB uttered about the United Church being a “strong witness to Jesus”. What a betrayal!

  2. Abortion Kills Living Human Beings. Why Are We Doing This In Canada?

    Dilation and curettage is commonly called D&C. The physician dilates the cervix with a series of instruments to allow the insertion of a curette, a loop-shaped knife, into the womb. The instrument is used to scrape the placenta from the uterus and then cuts the baby apart. The pieces are then pulled through the cervix. The body must then be reassembled by an attending nurse to make sure no parts remain in the womb to cause infection.

    Suction aspiration. The mouth of the cervix is dilated. A hollow tube with a knife-like edged tip is inserted into the womb. A suction force 28 times stronger than a vacuum cleaner tears the baby and the placenta to pieces. These pieces are sucked into a container.

    Saline injection also known as salt-poisoning. A strong salt solution is injected through the mother’s abdominal wall into the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. The baby then breathes and swallows the solution causing internal poisoning and burning. In a few hours the unborn baby dies from salt poisoning, dehydration, and hemorrhaging. The mother goes into labor and delivers a dead or dying baby.

    Prostaglandin involves the use of prostaglandin hormones that are injected into the womb or released in a vaginal suppository. This causes the uterus to contract and deliver the baby prematurely. A saline solution is sometimes injected first, killing the child before birth, in order to make the procedure less distressful for the mother and medical staff.

    Dilation and evacuation is commonly called a D&E. The doctor dilates the mother’s cervix and uses forceps to reach into the uterus. He grasps the arms and legs, dismembers the body, and crushes the skull to remove it. The placenta and the smaller pieces of the body are removed by suction and sharp curetting.

    Hysterotomy, similar to a Caesarean section. This procedure involves opening the womb surgically and removing the baby to end the infants life.

    We ought to put and end to this holocaust. Don’t you think?

  3. Steve,

    You read my mind too.

    What these priests and bishops don’t get is that everyone of their betrayals must be paid in blood by our children or grandchildren.

  4. If you have debated the liberal priests you know that they don’t care, because they have a liberal religion. Professor Tom Landers and I have debated in universities and churches. Common sense and scientific facts cannot convince these liberals. When one needs surgery one goes to a Physician who knows the fundamentals of his profession not a relativist.

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