Church Banned from Hotel over Traditional Marriage

But the hotel banned the congregation from using the room after it received complaints from clients and members of the public who found its views on marriage “offensive”. Minister of Gilcomston, Reverend Dominic Smart said: “We were just going to have a church service. So much for the tolerant society. It made us feel hounded.”

Our very tolerant society where Christians are now the new niggers, second-class citizens.

On the positive side, the “hopey changey, spirit of vatican II” clerics who currently run the show in Christendom will quit, retire early,or  be pushed out.  Either way, only those devoted to the truth…to the point of complete loss of status, position, material wealth, and even death…will preserve their salvation.  It’s the price to pay for being lukewarm for the past 50 years.

Our future leaders will be lions. They will have no choice.  And the current regime will be just a historical nightmare

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