Christmas is a witness to life…even for those who witness behind bars

From a reader….

Christmas Card Campaign 2009

Linda Gibbons has been a “common criminal” for many years now.  For fifteen years, since 1994, this grandmother has been in and out of Ontario prisons. Her totally accumulated jail time is seven years.  What is her crime?  Linda prayerfully and quietly witnesses in front of Ontario abortion clinics.  This past session has been particularly onerous- she has been behind bars since last January, and this will be her second consecutive Christmas in jail.

Please consider sending Linda a Christmas card this year.  She will be encouraged and uplifted by your thoughtfulness.  To maximize the effectiveness of this initiative, why not talk to your pastor and see if you can put this message in your church bulletin?  Or, you could pass this message along to family and friends.

Her address is – 

Vanier Center for Women

655 Martin Street, Box 1040, Milton, Ontario L9T 5E6

Attention: Linda Gibbons

There are some mailing guidelines because the Detention Centre mailing department reads everything sent to the inmates.

1. Don’t use stickers (address, return address, pro-life) on the envelope or card.

2. Don’t send any laminated cards, bookmarks, prayer cards, pro-life pamphlets. Non-laminated items will get to her.

3. Don’t ask direct questions about daily activity of the detention centre.

4. Put your address directly in the card or letter. (Sometimes the mail sorter keeps the envelope and Linda feels badly if she can’t write back.)

5. If you would like to send a little monetary gift to Linda it must be a money order made out to “Linda Gibbons”. The detention centre will deposit the money directly to her account. She uses any donations for envelopes and stamps.

6. Many people add a variety of Christian reading material in their mailings to her. She often shares articles with others in the Centre. She can receive pro-life material that show the development of the baby but not post abortion photos. She can’t receive books. Try to stick to one or two pages of reading materials or pamphlets.

Speaking from personal experience, it’s a real lift to get mail every day. It is wonderful to know that people care about you and take the time to write.



So while the Church hierarchy in Canada is trying to figure out if supporting pro-abort groups in the Global South is legit or not, the rest of us are going to be writing Christmas cards to a genuine hero of the pro-life movement.

Only in Canada, eh?

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