Christmas Caroling On Parliament Hill

Christmas Caroling
Tuesday December 11th at 6:30 p.m.

MagiYou are invited to join with the choirs of Saint Patrick’s Basilica to come caroling with us, as we take our celebration of the birth of Christ to Parliament Hill.

Meeting on Parliament Hill at the Centennial Flame between 6:30pm to 6:50pm

Singing at 7:00pm on the steps in front of the Peace Tower.

For more information click HERE.


It’s the season to upset the atheists.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Caroling On Parliament Hill

  1. The pathetic fact that Christmas is an offense to atheists is hardly beyond dispute, considering their shameless attempt at expunging Christianity from every part of public life.

    Christianity is a stumbling block. I’m not going to disagree with St. Paul.

  2. your really don’t get it! Christmas is not an offense to atheists, that is hardly beyond dispute. Atheists just don’t feel the need to have it brought into their lives. Get it? Your religion. You enjoy it. Fine…just don’t force it on people that have no interest. (It’s bad enough that the general population has to subsidize those honking big buildings of yours…)

    Seasons greetings!

  3. Secularism is the new atheistic worldview or religion of Western Civilization by court and government decree only since 1962 ,and it imposes it’s values and morality on society through it’s edifices of worship everywhere. Secular morality is now taught in schools since 1962 and pumped into lives by media moguls. It is almost impossible to get away from it. Atheist Secular Law and Government now rules and socially engineers Western Civilization by Court and Government decree.
    Church in The New Testament means parties of Christians who are The Royal Priesthood,and not edifices. Wherever they meet is Church. They were hunted down,abused and killed by those who believed their Ten Commandments and Lord’s prayer offensive,and still are in many lands. Now that the Courts and Governments of Western Society are Secular Atheist instead of Christian,they are also left to be abused without much help.
    Christmas blessings to men and women of good will.

  4. I notice that the American version of your rag said “Now is the time to piss off the atheists.” I, on the other hand, am pissed off at the merchants and advertisers who have simonized this holiday. I’d complain to my local American editors, but they have banned me from commenting. So much for the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

  5. Southern Quebec: it’s he opposite that’s happening. Atheist values are being forced on Christians and everybody else. That’s why our schools are forcing kids to believe that homosexuality is ok. That’s why the school board in Toronto is forcing girls to share their bathrooms and change rooms wih boys who claim to be transgendered and think they’re a girl. That’s why you can get reprimanded at work for saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”.

    Any honest atheist would realize that this has gone too far.

  6. I have no issue with religious people that keep it to themselves. My problem is the constant complaining about atheists in schools. Are you not aware of separation of church and state? You can have catholic schools and do what you want. You just can’t have tax payer money to do it.

    Comment #4 is exactly why religion should be kept out of schools.

    I also believe that icicle lights should be against the law. What they have to do with Xmas is beyond me…

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