Christian Radio Station Application

Please send a message before November 8th stating that you want the proposed Christian teaching and hymns station on the air. Tell the CRTC in your own words why this new station would be a positive addition to your radio choices. You can send your message: 

1) on-line at the CRTC website:
(¬ice=pb2007-13&applicant=200700725), click “Next” at the bottom right, select My comments are in: “Support” in the drop-down list, and fill in the window below it with your reason for supporting the proposed Christian teaching and hymns station for Ottawa. In Step 5, fill in your contact information and click on the checkbox where it asks you to copy your comment to the applicant. In Step 6, select and copy your comment into an email to

2) by mail to CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2 (copy to CHRI-FM, 1010 Thomas Spratt Place, Suite 3, Ottawa, ON K1G 5L5)

3) by fax to Secretary General (819) 994-0218 (copy to CHRI-FM, 613-247-7128)
If by mail or fax, your message should start with: Re: Positive Intervention for Ottawa, ON Application 2007-0072-5 for a New FM Station.


Dear Sir/Madam
1. We would like to strongly support the license application of the proposed Christian teaching and hymns station in Ottawa.  Speaking for thousands of faithful Catholics in the Ottawa area, we firmly believe that our faith community needs to have access to a faith-based, teaching and inspirational radio station which reflects Catholic principles and beliefs.  Because the current radio and other media outlets do not adequately service or allow a Catholic world view, it is important for the CRTC to uphold religious liberty and support CHRI’s application to allow Catholic and other Christian teaching programs.
2. A liberal democracy based on authentic human freedom and religious liberty cannot flourish unless there are adequate outlets for alternative opinions on spirituality and moral issues.  To deny or thwart such a movement is to undermine democracy itself.  Our culture will only be able to grow and prosper when it allows itself to be challenged with different perspectives and authentic spiritualities.
3. Catholics and other Christians need to have their voices reflected in the media. We respectfully request, therefore, that you grant the proposed application.  If requested to do so by the Commission, we will also appear at any public hearing in support of the application.
Yours very truly,
The Pacheco’s 


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