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  1. JMJ

    I sincerely hope that the mohammedans in East London and anywhere outside of their 12th centuray mud hut villages get the message–if they don´t we have to let them know, in the most direct and frank way, that they are abusing the welcome given to them AND THAT THEY SHOULD GO HOME. It doesn´t matter that they were born and raised in East London, home is where mohammedans understand each other and carry out the perversions of the Koran.

  2. We are very pleased at this approach to solving the mohammedan problem and the US would do very well to get ready for needing to do the same thing. What a mistake in allowing the immigration from those 12th century mud hut villages with such a pathetically uncivilized approach to life, mohammedanism. But now that that unhealthy and dangerous immigration has taken place, the mohammedans have to be confronted and told that we need a little more humility as the interlopers that they are, and if they are not ready to behave like the citizens of the civilized western countries that they have immigrated, they will be sent back to their 12th century mud hut villages.

  3. Too bad there is no Christian patrol in the condo where we live.

    Persecution continues at a new level of out and out with slander racial card promoting and bad governing of building and its own kangaroo court .
    God says speak Truth into lies, and since we have no forum where we live could we say it here?
    When people accuse you of something that is totally false one should speak truth into oit or at least have an opportunity to respond what do you think?
    Please pray for us. Here goes :
    Last night we had a knock on our door from two police officers who wanted to ask me about some complaint from a black woman who claimed she had been a victim of “racism”.
    Truth, and some history:. Last December when the key fixture where we put our key was temporarily moved because of delayed column work they are doing on this building , my husband and I were trying to insert our key in the key hole which is nearer an island in the middle of our circular parking area. As we were doing this a black woman crossed over in front of our car, and hovered over our open car door and window and just stared and would not move(I was driving I said “What are you doing?”, I was actually trying to put my key in the fixture and speak with my husband at the same time as she had made a point of instead of going around the car like most people,she instead perched herself with some difficulty on the island and just stopped and stared down at us. I thought it odd behavior and not having seen or met her and we did not know what she was up to the question was perfectly natural. Also there was some glare from the dark. She got all defensive and said she did not have to tell us why she was there and to which it was obvious she was provocative and wanted to get into something to whcih my husband and I just said” that stuff does not belong in the building cause she swore and became abusive verbally and “to take it elsewhere”. She continued with her tirade until she went in the door. It was very upsetting and we called the superintendent, and he said he would tell the property manager. Well we heard nothing more about it, but as I trust my gut feeling I said and my husband agreed she is trouble and we hope we did not have to deal with that behaviour again. When we soon had to pick up our new entrance FOBS for the new entrances they have , she tried to stare at us from across the room and we just ignored her.
    Fast forward to an evening not long ago when I went down to pick up a load of laundry my husband had left in the machine downstairs and I went to get it. When I looked down to the end of the room she was there and she folded her arms confrontational style and started her provocative staring routine again, goling out her way to shake her head and turn her towards me to do her provocative staring and attempt to get me to react. I admit I was tired, and first I did not recognize her although I thought I had seen or heard her at Church , because some black woman came into the bathroom one morning not long after, and muttered some horrible accusations at me -mind you that could be a result of me spreading the truth about the false apparitions and lies regarding Medjugorje, and the yet again presence of Development and Peace posters and propaganda all around the Church and since there is a big contingent of black and white women who are followers and promoters of these two things. I was quite taken aback so maybe this woman has spread her lies to their “friends” in the communities she thinks can destroy my reputation as wide as possible since she lied in the first place about racial accusations towards her. Demonic big time..Apparently the police said these false racial card claims happen all the the time. In fact my husband spoke today with an officer and said people being accused with race card, claims are taking place dialy)I though and down at the site, and then I thought oh its her again. She obviously again was attempting to provoke and when i said stop staring it’s rude. she began her “I’ll do what ever I like….blah blah blah, atemtpting to draw me in to her sick hatr-filled desire to begin a fight so she could probably call the race card. I think I thought and said this woman has probably been through an abortion to explain her aggressive hateful an ongoing angry resentment towards us and her desire to lash out even with lies in her pure hatred.and maybe that is why she was staring at the car that night and wanted to lash out at me, specifically because I am Pro-Life and maybe she is full of hatred for Pro-Life people for whatever reason. My husband came in to the room and heard her attempts to slander and try to get a fight going and said for her to stop it, to which she tried to provoke him to go over to her. She was clearly trying to instigate something. Anyway again another upsetting incident to which the superintendent was called, and we just went on.
    Interesting l enough when I was down on Bank St. the next day a great number (more than usual had a hate on for me and a whole slew of back people especially were giving me the evil eye, and at first I thought this is crazy then I thought no she has probably spread something over the Internet. and through whatever means she has disposable., Since we do not belong to social media sites we do not know, but I could feel it in my spirit.
    Nothing more over the past week or so had happened and we were glad to not have run into this person and did not wonder why we had not heard back from our super, because he is a great guy who supports and reports truth and he knows our character, the board however is a different story and it so happens the president of said board had harassed my husband for “not cleaning the washer and told him she was going to charge him a $2.00 fine and continued to follow him onto the elevator attempting to provoke him as well while had tried to remain calm about another incident when a “friend’ of hers just before had told him harshly when his laundry bag rubbed the wall “NOT TO DAMAGE THE WALL !!!
    He was so shocked by this woman’s behaviour he at first thought she must be kidding but no, and he just said be quiet and mind your own business, and she went and got this “president”
    A little history on said president who has gone after just about everybody in this building when it so suits her and threatened, bullied, and cajoled
    people to the point of tears. She is constantly abusing her position and people have poured out their hearts to one another including us from even the different superintendents over the years about her controlling power tripping she even to control the literature on the boards that is pinned up plus the reading material in the library. She appears to be a very liberal feminist and has had a hate on for us since we moved in, trying to threaten us with this or that regarding dog licenses or we will be evicted even though we own our condo! She crossed personal lines many times screwed up our phones by going ahead and trying to enter in our suspended (over the summer while we are in Quebec) when she had no right or permission because we did not it entered int. the intercom system anything. Not just us, but others, and it so happens when years ago when she tried to pass a unvoted on rule about the new dogs allowed not weighing m ore than 20 lbs or so, the other owners poured out their grievances regarding her and what she had done to them we looked into the process of removing a president from the board who many people clearly want off the board. People toild the superintendent(s) she has gotten others fired for no good reason) their grievances and yet they are apathetic or have allowed themselves to be intimidated by her duplicitous threatening bullying behaviour. reported this to the property manger who said his hands are tied. A lawyer told me she is abusing the position . and the mpp said condo boards are self governed.

    Anyway,this condo “president after trying to provoke my husband the other day, followed him
    into the elevator the other day continuing her provoking behaviour and he finally confronted her with all the money wasting and bad behaviour she has inflicted on the owners , etc. doing unnecessary work with other peoples’ money etc. and she did not like that and just as is her predictable fashion she went and armed herslef with whatever she could especially after my husband said she had been seen viewing the cameras fromt he security system invading privacy through teh evening hours when she has no right to do trying to get things on whomer she happens to have a beef against, for her next attack. Turns out ,in comes the completely false allegation and recail accusation and rant from the black woman from before.
    We told the police what happened since they had had a complaint and showed up at the door our unit, and they listened and told us just to stay away from her and we said that we had not intention of having anything to do with her but she obviously is trying to continue to provoke and make something completely false up, and of course she gave the condo board president fodder..
    My husband wrote the property manager back an email last night because someone had placed a nail upright beside where we park our cars in the temporary spots while the rest of the work continues in the garage to which they are refusing to take responsibility trying to slough it off on the workers, who say it is not theirs, and also the fact that because the garage door now is on the new security FOB system , it has closed on a couple of car roofs and the other day shut on the roof of our vehicle damaging the roof rack, to which they claim was not their fault, with some other piece of nonsense.

    When I came in to the downstairs lobby of the condo an hour ago the board has posted a totally slanderous letter saying a woman was viciously racially attacked by certain people etc. and if anybody has anything else to add see the property manager. This indicates this woman is partaking even more in the evil lying slanderous allegations of racism, totally unsubstantiated and this is the vicious behaviour she is claiming against her from two incidents when she tried to provoke and get something going, now has this corrupt board printing up lies and slander against us, and posting it behind glass on the board where she decides what gets to stay up.
    On another not a woman crossed over today to ask me if God would forgive her if she went ahead and had an abortion. I tired to speak with her and offer what support I could and even called Chris from Campaign Life to offer her some help. I was there from 8;30 a.m this morning till almost 12p.m and she approached me after 11 a.m and was wafting about it and I do not know what happened but the last thing I saw was her entering back into the abortuary. Please pray for this woman and her boyfriend to come to Jesus’ Mercy and pray for HIs guidance in whatever decision she made and of course we cry with God over all the babies He deemed to be today Who will not Be, because of deception and fear.
    God help us and forgive us . Everyday we crucify the Love that only gives, how can He allow it so?
    We will know one day, and we all will pay for our part in this , except of course those who are innocent.
    God I am sorry, please Have Mercy.I love and adore Only YOu. Be with us as the level of sheer demonic attacking coming from everywhere increases when we refuse to be silent in the bold face of lies from whatever source and concerning everything false, so that You can be Glorified in Truth. Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be.
    Did I mention I went to Confession?

    Lord have Mercy,
    Hail Mary, Our Father

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