Christian pastor to be executed in Iran

From a friend:

By the time you read this it may be too late, but I would appreciate any and all prayers you may be able to offer for Youcef Nadarkhani, a Christian pastor in Iran who lies under the threat of execution for the crime of apostasy from Islam. More details here:

O Lord of Hosts, lend strength to your faithful servant in his hour of need. May he find the resolve to bear witness to your truth, and may we in turn take heed from his example even as we mourn the fate that threatens him. Spare him, O Lord – or, if not, stand with him

2 thoughts on “Christian pastor to be executed in Iran

  1. Allah is the name of Islam’s one god. The attributes of this god are perverse in many aspects. In the Holy Koran one reads the story of the holy prophet Of Allah, Muhammad wanting his stepson Zaid’s wife Zaynab of Jahash ,for himself. Zaid and his wife are horrified and say no until Allah’s holy prophet gets a revelation form the great god Allah. Muhammad writes thus in the holy of holy books,”it’s not fitting for a believer of the Koran, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger, to have any opinion about their decision: if any one disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path. …And Allah’s command must be fulfilled.”
    Islamic Sharia Law and Ji’had are to be imposed on all.
    This worldview reminds me of the justice of Politically Correct Relativism by Government decree and court enforcement. Who has any hope from tyrants now that the citizens of the West have traded Christianity, politically in government, law and education, for their new worldview and religion of Politically Correct Relativism? There are a “few” exceptions. Like Saint James say’s faith without works is dead. Therefore in a democracy the citizens are responsible for the laws of the land. When Christianity is taken out of government, law and education and replaced with Politically Correct Relativism only Paganism remains. We need more Traditional family Values Politicians in our Legislatures and Parliament where Bills are passed into Canadian law, and that is up to our citizens.
    Too many are on the enemies side in this Culture War raging for the minds and souls of our society. The consequences of this Culture War on our young and most impressionable are dire. As Saint John say’s their are many anti-Christs running around already. Everyone who is against Christ is an anti-Christ. Many of these also call themselves Protestants and Catholics. We ought to make this a just democracy politically where both young and old are safe.

  2. There was a time not so long ago that The Western World was Christian in Government, Law and Education. People here would not only write and call politicians into action, but would be ready to defend their fellow believers from Tyrannical Sharia law. The Religion of Politically Correct Relativism has converted the majority of our citizens through Government, Law and Education. It is as unjust as Sharia Law, and sends it’s Jackboots to enforce it, even when it is proven Morbid by verifiable scientific facts.
    Concerned citizens were united in 2008 and forced The Supreme Court Of Canada and Parliament to raise the age of sex consent and changed evil Legislation of 2005, that allowed perverse adults to legally sexually exploit Canadian Children.
    If our citizens decide to get Politically Active in this Culture War raging for the minds and souls of our most impressioable they can make Canada a safer place for the young and older .

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