Christ Will Conquer Islam and Liturgical Dance

As a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard he witnessed appalling human rights abuses that caused him to question his faith in Islam and the current regime. He became a CIA spy and later escaped to the West. His contacts on the ground in Tehran tell him Islam’s days are numbered there. “Many have lost faith in Islam,” says Reza Khalili, a pseudonym taken by the ex-spy for safety reasons. “In the streets of Tehran, people are cursing at Mohammad,” he reports. “Millions wake up to text messages they send each other every day mocking the regime and the religion.”Despite the stereotypes of Iran’s fundamentalist identity, Khalili says that many are surprisingly sympathetic to the West. “The majority of Iranians are westernized,” he maintains. “They are one of the most westernized countries in the region.” Khalili says that before the 1979 revolution, those who adhered to Islam did so mostly for cultural reasons. Many were like his grandmother, who was a very loving person. “The older generation respected it because of what they learned from their parents,” he notes. “The younger generation respected it even though they didn’t adhere to it.” Due to an enormous level of disillusionment with the course of their nation, a surprising number have turned their back on Islam. “Many in Iran are turning to Christianity underground,” Khalili reports….(Source)

Islam is on the way out.  Just like liberalism is in the West.  We just have to wait out the last gasps. Remember the Communists in the Eastern Block?  One day they were in charge and then almost over night, they were yesterday’s dinner.

It’s just like it’s going to be with the liberals in the Church and the Spirit of Vatican II.  The Social Justice Regime is coming to a close as they show us one more Liturgical Dance into the sunset.

I’m just shocked that so many of the powerbrokers in CanChurch still want to hang on.  Don’t they care how they will be remembered?  Time to abandon ship, if you ask me. 

It’s coming. Believe it.

2 thoughts on “Christ Will Conquer Islam and Liturgical Dance

  1. Great story. I hope that Israel won’t attack Iran preemptively but that the west will support the Iranian underground. However John, you maybe singing the death song for Islam too early. Supposedly, it is the fastest growing religion in our times. Look at Europe.

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