Christ banned, Santa glorified in modern day Christmas

I highly recommend reading this excellent article from Patricia Paddey that was published in the National Post. She points to a recent survey showing that there are more Americans that teach their kids to believe in Santa Claus than in Jesus.

Lord have mercy on our unfaithfulness.  No wonder our civilization is crumbling.  We’re getting what we deserve.

Here’s a brilliant quote that says a lot about our modern culture:

Think about it: today’s Santa is the perfect deity for our day; he’s a god-man who is eternal, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, who judges and rewards good and bad behaviour. He is a vehicle of undeserved love, forgiveness and grace. Children are taught to adore him and to please him with sacrificial offerings of milk and cookies. He dwells far off in another realm but promises to return regularly to the benefit of those who believe in him. The fact that he’s also one of the great underpinnings of the world industrial economy doesn’t hurt his appeal.

Children clearly have the openness for God, but parents have stopped teaching them.

How about you?  How are you raising your kids?  Can you honestly stand before Almighty God and say that you’re doing everything in your power to raise them in faith and holiness?  Make that your Christmas gift to your kids this year.

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