CHRC vs. Conservatism

Mark Fournier
Free Dominion
July 21, 2007

Canadian Human Rights Commission vs Conservatism
Why we fight and how we’ll do it

To state the obvious, Free Dominion is not a hate site. The irony is rich in that a website that was set up to combat the liberal hatred of liberty is now being accused of inciting hatred itself. But it’s not in the least bit surprising, in fact, it was inevitable. Liberals must try to silence conservatives because they cannot compete with conservatives in the marketplace of ideas.

Enter, the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission is a perfect example of something that shouldn’t be allowed to exist in a free society. Its primary function is to provide liberals with power they cannot legitimately wield. Dressed up as a part of the legal system, the Canadian Human Rights Commission operates completely outside of natural law, yet it has the power to impose its decisions upon Canadians (as individuals and as a people) as if its decisions were legislatively empowered. Every one of their decisions effectively ‘writes law’ as potent as legitimate laws passed in the House of Commons.

It is essential that people understand that the Canadian Human Rights Commission is entirely a political instrument. Its transparent window-dressing as an arm of the law is cosmetic only.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission’s record of attacking conservatives and conservatism speaks for itself. What they did to one of their latest victims, Scott Brockie, was unconscionable, but the outcry his case engendered was not powerful enough to discourage the CHRC. They are now moving further up the conservative food chain and are going after non-establishment conservative political leaders and conservative websites.

This has gone on as long as it has because we, as conservatives, have allowed it to happen. Unless we draw a line in the sand, they will not stop. Why should they? They are only carrying out their true mandate.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has apparently decided to draft Free Dominion to stand across the line from them.

We will answer their call.

To understand this coming battle we must first examine the terrain. As with all these standoffs between the CHRC and conservatives, much of the battle will be fought behind closed doors where few normal checks and balances apply. Playing on their field by their rules is a losing proposition, so we are going to take the battle to the people of Canada and beyond.

The CRHC has virtually unlimited resources at its disposal and a cimmera of legality with which to clothe itself. It has an impressive array of firepower, though much of it is to a free society what nerve gas is to war. Its problem is that its opponent has no physical reality (outside of a server in America and the backup copies that exist). Free Dominion is much more than a database in a computer somewhere, it is an idea, an expression of a political philosophy that we have chosen to call principled conservatism.

It is apparent from the nature of the complaint, and the CRHC’s participation in its execution, that the goal is the silencing of Free Dominion. The only thing certain in all this is that that isn’t going to happen. The reason that I can say that with such certainty is the Canadian Human Rights Commission doesn’t have the power to silence Free Dominion.

The second part of this battle is going to be waged on the internet and in other media and the real judges will be the people of Canada, and beyond, who we will treat to a grand tour of the CHRC. The CHRC wields total power behind closed doors, but they wield none in the marketplace of ideas provided by the internet, and that’s where we will fight the second war.

We have taken long term strategic measures against this day and we are implementing tactical procedures in preparation for what is to come. In this part of the war the CHRC will be playing on our turf, and in the marketplace of ideas they are at a distinct disadvantage.

What we are witnessing here is the inevitable result of the culmination of incremental chains conservatives have allowed liberals to impose on us all. This had to happen because we allowed the groundwork to be laid. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t view this as an opportunity to turn the tide.

Principled conservatives understand what is at stake here, and they understand how we got here and where we, as a nation, went wrong along the way. This battle the CHRC has drafted us into will cover many fundamental ideas and concepts and will clearly show the perversity of having an institution on the loose that operates above the law. With the internet we now have the ability to bring these many concepts right into the homes of Canadians.

Let the dialogue begin. Our country will be a better place for it.


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