CHRC Paranoia & Their High Priced Bouncers

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Source H/T Marc Lemire

I remember when I arrived at the March 25 Warman v. Lemire Hearing where Dean Steacy was going to testify. There were two Ottawa cops there. I think there were two other “security officials” as well.  I thought this was a bit over the top.  There has never been a threat of violence against any of the participants at these hearings and certainly no single act of violence has been perpetrated against anyone.  Even Hadjis, the Chief Kangaroo Judge, thought the CHRC’s paranoia in invoking S. 37 to shut out the public from the Steacy hearing was rather absurd: 

[9] The outcome of the s. 37 matter gives me pause to question the soundness of the Commission’s invocation of public security concerns with respect to the testimony of these witnesses.

It is very clear that the employees and grievance pimps who staff the CHRC have deluded ideas of smug self-importance and have succumbed to wild ideas of security threats where none exists.  (In fact, if anything, it’s the respondents who are in need of security protection from the leftists thugs in our culture who might use violence against them.)

The reality is that we are dealing with a cult-like organization which is so out of touch with reality, it sees danger everywhere it turns even though none exists.  This is not surprising given their religion of hate-hustling.  When you have no respect for the principle of freedom or are unable to tolerate offense, it’s not hard to see how one’s paranoia over one’s opponents becomes so intense and unbalanced that such security measures would seem to be necessary.

Apparently, Rob Nicholson considers shelling out ludicrous security dollars in protecting the spies of the Nation’s Secret Police to be more important than respecting the principle of common sense and the necessary civil liberty of freedom of speech.

Just how much more pathetic and absurd can this country become? 

We’ve become nothing more than a paranoia dump for HRC lackeys.

3 thoughts on “CHRC Paranoia & Their High Priced Bouncers

  1. An absurd world of paranoia these fools have created…and yet we (taxpayers) keep on paying and paying – all for the privledge of being targeted by them.

    Is “Lucy” so obtuse and egotistical to think anyone really cares where he works or lives and that someone would waste their time and money to go after him? He has worked for the CJC too long.

    For all we know, they may be paying for “spy” services too.

  2. I am glad they think they need this personal security. That means they are living in fear. That has a devastating effect on a person over time. It is a negative and self-destructive way to live and work. Paranoia usually has growth potential. It gets worse over time. Eventually they will all be taking some sort of medication to ease their anxiety. Those meds also usually cause constipation and other complication of the digestive system.

    Looks good on those disgusting excuses for citizens of a free country.

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