CHRC: Not Above the Law

June 17, 2009

Greetings Mr. Hiebert,

My name is John Pacheco. I run the blog Socon or Bust ( Last March 25 2008, I had the opportunity to attend the Lemire hearing here in Ottawa which touched off the firestorm on the abusive practices of the CHRC.

Despite the vacuous conclusions reached by the RCMP and the Privacy Commission Office, it is my firm belief that the CHRC have indeed engaged in immoral and unlawful means in spying and entrapping Canadian citizens. Both the RCMP and Privacy Commission simply did not avail themselves (or did not know of) all of the evidence required to make an informed and intelligent decision.

Here is a post I wrote which details some of my findings:

And here is my post about the Privacy Commission Office decision:

If you intend to ask the CHRC some pointed questions, I would be very happy to propose a few of them for you that will serve to show Parliament and the people of Canada that the CHRC is a dangerous agency whose powers must be significantly curtailed.

I would be very willing to present the evidence to you for your consideration. If you are interested, please contact me. I will meet with you at any time and any place.

Yours truly,

John Pacheco
Social Conservatives United

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