CHRC looking at interfering in religious squabbles

Three Muslim women in Canada have filed a human rights complaint against Syed Soharwardy, the Alberta-based imam who brought publisher Ezra Levant before the Alberta Human Rights Commission after Mr. Levant’s magazine republished the Danish Muhammad cartoons…. Mr. Soharwardy denies the charges, stating, “I am one of the biggest proponents of women’s rights in Canada’s Islamic community.” The imam also told The Washington Times that the women are wives of men who tried to “hijack” the mosque over sectarian differences.
“These three women are subject to their husbands, who are my enemies in the mosque, and who put them up to it,” Mr. Soharwardy said. “We are Sufi, they are Wahabbi.”  (Washington Times)

Hey look everyone!  At least we have some MSM in the U.S. (of course) covering the Jackboots up here in Canada.   Don’t count on Canadian Pravda to say anything about it.

As far as this particular story goes, I hope people are realizing the potential encroachments of the Thugs in religious affairs.  I am waiting for these fascists to march down the centre aisle of my Church and install their priestess who will extoll the virtues of feminist thinking.

If that happens, prepare for an ugly scene.  We all know that the Left abhors self defense so that might be our last resort.

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