CHRC Gets Hammered at Parliamentary Hearing

By the way, the sloff-off reference to no wrong-doing on the part of the Commission as evidenced by the RCMP and Privacy Commissioner reports is totally BS. They did not exonerate the CHRC. They only said that their scope of investigation was limited and could not come to a definitive conclusion (RCMP), or, as in the case of the Privacy Commissioner, said that the “technological experts have indicated that, most likely, but without certainty, the association of the complainant’s IP address to the CHRC was simply a mismatch on the part of a third party

The technological experts are not the ones who determine whether the CHRC was guilty of hacking into a private citizen’s account.  They only tell you what is possible and what is not. Notice the report’s caveat identified above in red.

There is, in fact, PLENTY of evidence that SOMEONE at the CHRC – even if it was not the investigators or third parties associated with this case – knew very well that the connection used was going to breach someone’s privacy….

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