CHRC gets a Free Pass from the RCMP

The RCMP will not pursue charges against the Canadian Human Rights Commission over allegations that its investigators hacked an Ottawa woman’s wireless internet account to conceal their identity on websites under investigation for hate speech, the National Post has learned….. In a phone interview on Thursday, the woman said the RCMP told her they do not have proof her account was hacked, nor proof that it was not, and to investigate further would involve going after technical data from a website based in the United States,, which they said is not possible. (Source)

I’m no lawyer but this really does look bad. 

The RCMP and the CHRC were known to have a working relationship when prosecuting S. 13 “hate crime” cases.  The CHRC and RCMP have an official “Memorandum of Understanding”.  That alone should be enough to exclude them from investigating the CHRC since they are in a clear conflict of interest.

Now we learn that they will not be laying charges (despite the overwhelming evidence to suggest that the CHRC engaged in illegal practices) because it would involve “going after technical data from a website based in the United States,, which they said is not possible“.

And yet in the submission to the RCMP, Marc Lemire had the foresight to secure a legally sworn affidavit from the owner of Stormfront which certified the information from the Stormfront log files and “Jadewarr” user account. 

Even WITHOUT such evidence, we would have to believe that Stormfront “made up” an IP address which just so happened to belong to an innocent woman who

1) disavows any connection or knowledge to Stormfront before this fiasco engulfed her; 

2) and who just happened to live within a couple of blocks of the CHRC offices (and within their hacking abilities);

3) and who just so happened to log in at the same time that CHRC employees admitted, under oath in two separate CHRT hearings, to also being logged into the jadewarr account on the Stormfront board (and yet no other IP fingerprint exists on those logs for their implied “separate connection”)

What reasonable person would believe this?  Only someone who is so drunk on Koolaid that their coherency levels are shot, I should think.

The thing about justice is that not only should it be carried out, but it must be seen to be carried out.

So far, we have received neither.

Marc Lemire has a summary of the events here.


One thought on “CHRC gets a Free Pass from the RCMP

  1. This happens all the time with our so-called justice system. Proof does not matter to them, because they have been all trained in our politically correct Academies where what the textbooks and the lectures teach is called truth, even if it can be proven to be otherwise. Professor Tom Landers and I have been to Supreme Court several times and have come to know this. Nobody gives a rip, but everyone pretends to. Tom and a group of concerned citizens are trying to take back the schools, but do you see what they are up against? As the Academy goes, so goes the culture, because everyone is educated there. Western Civilization came out of paganism once, but has gone right back where human judgements are the order of the day. Someone wrote a book about this titled,” GODLESS”. Everything is based on greed even human worth and values. Charles Darwin wrote a book justifying this titled, THE DESCENT OF MAN, And Selection In Relation To Sex. Here we have it.

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