CHRC Caves on Maclean’s

TORONTO, June 26 /CNW/ – Maclean’s magazine is pleased that the Canadian Rights Commission has dismissed the complaint brought against it by the Canadian Islamic Congress. The decision is in keeping with our long-standing position that the article in question, “The Future Belongs to Islam,” an excerpt from Mark Steyn’s best-selling book America Alone, was a worthy piece of commentary on important geopolitical issues, entirely within the bounds of normal journalistic practice. Though gratified by the decision, Maclean’s continues to assert that no human rights commission, whether at the federal or provincial level, has the mandate or the expertise to monitor, inquire into, or assess the editorial decisions of the nation’s media. And we continue to have grave concerns about a system of complaint and adjudication that allows a media outlet to be pursued in multiple jurisdictions on the same complaint, brought by the same complainants, subjecting it to costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to say nothing of the inconvenience. We enthusiastically support those parliamentarians who are calling for legislative review of the commissions with regard to speech issues. (Source)

This is indeed good news on one level, of course.  The CHRC has decided, at least in this case, that it does not have the guts or the endurance to put itself through another scorching on a farce of a case.  It also shows that the bloggers have had an enormous impact on how human rights are played out in Canada.  Still, we Christians and social conservatives are not under any naive misconceptions.  Maclean’s got off because it is a brand name magazine in Canada.  It also has Rogers behind it along with billion dollar lawyers.  As for us, the Gay Fatwas against us will continue unabated.

Their decision not to pursue the “case” against Maclean’s was only made out of self-preservation.  They know that if the case were to proceed, they would “convict”  and, consequently, the political ramifications would be lethal to their long term existence. So what did they do? They cut bait to take off some pressure in hopes that we bloggers will let up.  That can’t happen.

The Gay Fatwas must end too. 

One thought on “CHRC Caves on Maclean’s

  1. A friend e-mailed me the Wednesday June 11 story in the National Post titled “Christians under the gun in China”, by Charles Lewis. He noted that members of the Communist Party must be atheists. It seems that all countries that have institutionalized atheism punish Christians. A 76 year old Christian lady in China named Shang Shuying got 15 years in prison. China appears to be increasing its persecution of Christians as a way of stamping out dissent in the run-up to the Beijing Olympic Games!

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