CHRC Can’t Make Up Its Mind about Police Exemptions for Hate Messages

In this audio clip, you will hear Barbara Kulaszka, Lemire’s lawyer, mentioning how the CHRC, in a ruling on August 10, 2006, permitted police officers to engage in offensive (and otherwise hateful speech) as part of their investigation.  Here is what the CHRC said in its ruling: 

[In 2006, Glenn Bahr tried to have a Section 13 complaint laid against Sgt. Stephen Camp for posting of hate messages. The CHRC always happy to protect it’s [sic] friends, ruled on August 10, 2006 that he could not even file a complaint against Camp.] “Members of the Edmonton Police perform their duties pursuant to the Criminal Code of Canada, as as such, are protected under that code when performing duties undercover as part of an investigation“. (Source)

Then you will hear Dean Steacy contradict the CHRC’s own ruling by stating that police are subject to the same rules as everyone else, and that there is no exemption for law enforcement officials in posting hate messages on the Internet. 

Master JadeWarrior was apparently too busy trolling the Internet “undercover” to be hip to his own employer’s ruling on allowing police officials to entrap and goad Canadian citizens into breaking the law.

You know what would be an absolute dream if you were a bona fide racist? Suppose you were a cop assigned to the “hate crime investigation unit”. Or, better yet, suppose you got a job hate-pimping for the CHRC instead. Why, by golly, you could post hate messages all day long to your heart’s content, and be completely secure in knowing that you’ll never have to abide by the same laws everyone else does.  Buckwheat and Spanky, that sure does sound like a sweet gig, don’t you think?


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