CHRC attacks former liberal magazine

Maclean’s magazine, the formerly liberal mouthpiece of Canadian magazine journalism, is getting a taste of the liberal theology that it helped foist on Canada these past 40 years. It appears that Mark Steyn who wrote an article on Islam hath offended someone. And in Canada, especially before the Canadian Human Blights Commission, where evidence and truth are no excuse – only hurt feelings – that usually means a charge and a fine for having encroached on someone’s right to feel good about themselves everywhere at everytime.

Just in case you are wondering, Maclean’s changed course from their typical liberal drivel because the public was just too damned sick of their liberal fantasy world and stopped buying. According to publishing industry magazine Masthead, Maclean’s was one of the five worst newsstand performers of 2005, down 29 per cent. 

As Danny Devito once said in Twins, “Money talks and bullshit walks.”

Anyhow, The Canadian Islamic Congress has launched human rights complaints against Macleans Magazine and its editor-in-chief, Kenneth Whyte, for publishing an allegedly Islamophobic article, “The Future Belongs to Islam“, in its Oct 23, 2006 issue.

I find it ironic that a magazine like Maclean’s – which has only recently started to realize that there are two opinions on world events – is feeling the brunt of the kind of thinking which it has fostered in Canada these past few decades.  Of course, it is simply a coincidence that now that Maclean’s has decided to offer some conservative viewpoints, apart from the liberal milksop we have all come to enjoy, they find themselves SHOCKER OF ALL SHOCKERS!!!! in front of the CHRC.

It is clear that the CHRC is nothing more than a political tool of the Left to silence dissent.  When has a conservative ever won a case against a leftist?  Or perhaps the most salient question is: when has a conservative ever even filed a case against a leftist?

You just have to wonder how long conservatives are going to take this crap before we start striking back?  And I don’t mean filing a complaint against some puppet tribunal or kanadian kangaroo kourt. 

The only way democracy and the rule of law keeps going is when the law is seen as impartial and not political. But the way things are going, you just have to sit back and be amazed at how damn stupid liberals are to think this is going to go on without some serious consequences down the road for everyone.

If the CHRC is going to start to pick on leaders of political parties, like Ron Gray, or popular conservative writers like Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn and Michael Coren, they need to understand how the conservative constituency in Canada will consider them nothing more than a rump of the liberal establishment in this country.

That scenario, of course, doesn’t do a heck of a lot for an organization’s credibility.

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