CHRC Attack on Free Dominion: Index Page

The following list shows all of SoCon Or Bust’s postings on the shameless attack against Connie Wilkins, Bill Whatcott, Free, and all Canadians who value their right to freedom of speech perpetrated against them by a paranoid bunch of Leftist losers who can only advance their agenda by political and star chamber type threats instead of open debate and dialogue.

Victory! – FD off the hook for now [Aug.05.07]

Sign the Letter of Support [July 31.07]

FD-CHRC squabble on Michael Coren’s TV Show [July 27.07]

My Catholic Brethren and the Star Chamber Few [July 26.07]

Freedom Snatching Commie-Commissions [July 26.07]

Kangaroo Courts and their Pimps Endanger Canada’s Peace [July 25.07]

My Complaint Against the CHRC [July 25.07]

A Possible Out for FD [July 24.07]

Media Reports on the Kangaroo Court [July 23.07]

You Little Punk [July 23.07]

Connie Wilkins on Michael Coren’s Radio Show [July 22.07]

Free Dominion Day Poem [July 22.07]

CHRC vs. Conservatism [July 21.07]

What the Chill is Going to Mean to the Left [July 21.07]

Attack on Religious Liberties by the Left [July 20.07]

Leftists’ Smackdown of Free Speech [July 19.07]

Human Rights Attack on Free Dominion [July 18.07]

3 thoughts on “CHRC Attack on Free Dominion: Index Page

  1. John, you upset me greatly when you were quoted in the media, that you will not win the election. When we get into a fight with a well armed giant and we have only a sling and a few stones we get into it to WIN ! In a democracy the citizens get the government they deserve ! I fight the battles on the west here and my brothers and sisters let me get slaughtered. I don’t get angry because, Lord williing one day they may wake up. John wouldn’t it be something if they wake up and start helping.

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