Choose Wisely

Yesterday, I attended a funeral for a friend’s father at my local parish.  The priest didn’t go on slobbering about how great we are or that we’re all going to heaven.  Instead, he gave us the Gospel.  At the moment of death, your soul will go to what it loved.  In other words, if you loved God, if you loved Christ, you will go to see Him.  The priest remarked that in the last few days he had met with this gentlemen, he kept telling him, while pointing at a picture of Jesus, “I’m going to be with Him”. 

For a culture which worships at the altar of choice, there is a way to communicate how salvation history plays out in everyone’s lives. Salvation, you see, is ultimately a choice. It’s an invitation.  You don’t have to choose Christ. You can choose something else.  You have free will. But like real life, there’s consequences to our choices. The consequence to choosing something else is to be apart from God. That’s something we Christians call “hell”.  You might not want to call it that, but that’s the definition of what hell is.  God is who He is, and He doesn’t change. Therefore, you have a choice to make.

Just like our culture and society have a choice to make on a collective level.  It can either humbly return to Christ or it can accept the consequences of that rejection: death by demographic suicide and then later followed by bondage of the Islamic yoke.

Your choice. Choose wisely.



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