One thought on “China: Businesses Sell Aborted Babies as Stamina Booster Pills

  1. This is what happens when God and The Ten Commandments are taken out of government, law and education. People are rated from A to Z as to their value, and sometimes the Z’s are ground up into pills and eaten. The modern Living tree Evolving Society interpretation of law is used by the judiciary to legalize the abortion holocaust, and all sorts of evil in the Western World. The Communists have been doing this type of evil usurping for decades. At the Nuremberg trials ten Nazi leaders were indicted for encouraging and compelling abortions, which the Christian West then considered a crime against humanity. These Nazi’s said they did nothing wrong or illegal. Technically they were right as their Supreme Court passed over 400 laws justifying the holocaust. At that time the West had not yet converted to Politically Correct Relativism.

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