Children of Paraguay Fundraiser – Another Huge Success

Shout out to all of the Socon or Bust readers who said hello to me on Saturday at another very successful fundraiser for the Children of Paraguay, a Socon or Bust-endorsed  Catholic charity.  Children of Paraguay was started by Rosa Frias. You can learn about Rosa’s story here.

I can assure you that she does not make $120K-160K, unlike other social justice head honchos. In fact, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t draw one dime out of the proceeds that C.O.P. collects. I’m pretty sure that she’s donated thousands of hours and lots of her own money to help those children in Limpio, Paraguay.

But then again, there’s Catholic charity and the there’s the fraud of “social justice” — two very, very different things.

My girls danced again and were much appreciated by the audience.

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