Chickens Coming Home To Roost in the Diocese of London

I guess Bishop Fabbro in London is sounding the alarm.  Check this article out from Catholic Insight.  Here’s the money quote from Dr. Ian Hunter:

I do not claim to have answers, but I am fairly confident that I know what does not work. Don’t invite the leading Catholic-basher, Stephen Lewis, to tell Catholics how to live out the Gospel. Don’t allow ostensibly Catholic Colleges, like King’s College in London, to participate in UWO’s shameful decision to honour Henry Morgentaler. It does not require Twitter to tell the good news of Jesus Christ; it does require courage to proclaim the truth fearlessly to a relentlessly secular and hostile culture. Do not cozy up to Dalton McGuinty to create gay/straight alliances in Catholic schools; do conduct a rigorous pruning of what is taught in Catholic schools, and by whom, and see if you can discern anything that is recognizably Catholic and worth preserving. The fastest growing, and most promising, education initiative is home schooling; get behind home-schoolers in every possible way you can. Priests need not be retrained in new social media; they must be challenged to live up to their vows. My observation in London diocese is that the more orthodox and effective priests tend to be marginalized, sent off to the boondocks, while timeservers are often rewarded.

One more thing: when Catholic Bishops choose to sound off in public, let it be on Christian, not social, issues. When the Canadian bishops speak why is there always a faint echo of an NDP policy forum? The very same issue of our Parish Bulletin that contained Bishop Fabbro’s letter urged us: “Let’s vote for a poverty free Ontario.” It does not take the recently departed Saint Jack to interpret this particular plea in the context of the October 6 election.

Folks, you might remember my exposé on St. Joseph’s hospital in the Diocese of London and Fr. Michael Prieur, or you might remember the scandal surrounding Bishop Fabbro and Baby Joseph  who sadly died yesterday, or you might recall the connection of the Winnipeg Statement to the diocese of London.  Or, maybe you’ve done some research on the history of the diocese of London and how it has been riddled with scandal for decades

Whatever you’ve read about the diocese of London, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been anything to brag about.

Bishop Fabbro’s delayed illumination of the dire straits of the Diocese only reflects just how out of touch he is with being a good and faithful bishop.  He was supposed to defend the Faith.  He has not done so on many, many important fronts, not the least of which are the areas mentioned above.  When you don’t defend the Faith and preserve it, you cannot expect it to grow, by parking it on “auto pilot”.  It doesn’t work that way and hopefully Bishop Fabbro will now FINALLY start to listen to more orthodox voices in  his diocese instead of shipping them off to the boonies.

Bishop Fabbro’s letter concluded: “I am interested in your thoughts about the Report and our plans …contact me through the different social media, including Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.”

Instead of asking everyone’s opinion, Bishop Fabbro should start by praying and reflecting on Benedict’s teachings about real renewal and evangelization, and for the love the Church and for the love of God,  STOP treading on the tired and worn “social justice” mentality that has infected and almost destroyed Canadian Catholicism.  That’s precisely why the Diocese of London is in a mess.

Here’s my advice to the bishop:  Get back to basics of teaching and defending the Faith and stop worrying about offending the world.  Stop defending and making excuses for dissenters within your diocese or the anti-Catholic speakers who come into it.  Be a bishop and not a church politician.

And for Pete’s sake, stop plugging for the NDP and their poverty shtick.  The 60s are over. 

“A tree is known by its fruit” – That’s a truth that doesn’t change with the times or with the technology.

3 thoughts on “Chickens Coming Home To Roost in the Diocese of London

  1. John:

    Your abundant opinions, yet lack of understanding of what actually happens here in London Ontario is what we typically expect of people from Ottawa. Maybe there is something in the water there that makes those in government and those who just reside there think that they know better than others what is going on elsewhere.

    Ian Hunter might reside in our dicoese, but seems to live in our local ivory tower, UWO, the only nightclub you can get a degree from.

    It is far easier to opine about other’s faults, than to look at our own, and far easier to judge what we think others are doing.

    I enjoy reading many of the things that you and Steve write about, but sometimes you are way off the reservation.

  2. This is directed to Michael or any other faithful Catholic from the diocese of London.

    I am looking for a new parish in the diocese and am wondering if anyone from here could direct me to an Orthodox Parish with a true pastor and a vibrant faith community.

    I myself have lived in both Ottawa and the London area I can sympathize with John. I feel totally and completely lost here. I grew up in the London Diocese only to have my faith shipwrecked in my teens and twenties. My husband and I chose to move our young family back to the London area from St. Catharines last September and I am second guessing my choice. We are in no position to move again so, if any one can prove me wrong please, comment on this entry. Please let me know where I can go.

  3. Michael,

    With respect, you need to look at the sad facts of the history of the London diocese. I am not ignorant, I assure you. Your relationship with Fr. Prieur is not allowing you to be frank with yourself. I suggest you reflect on this.

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