One thought on “Chattels by any other name

  1. Slavery, The Slave Trade and Human Trafficking were once legally and scientifically approved of. It all depends on who is defining the terms. Politically Correct Relativism, Sharia Law or Genesis 1:27.
    In a former Western Christian Democracy in Government, Law, Education filtering down to the majority ,the Eternal Christian Perspective always proved to be superior in government, law, education and allowed the races who were once considered property by law and science the right to be human beings, and allowed to be human beings by getting the right to vote politically in Canada in 1947 and 1960. When the West through our Government, Law, and Education Establishments was re-educated to accept Politically Correct Relativism as the New Worldview and Religion all Hell broke loose in The West also. Many so-called Christians continue to support and elect Canadian Politicians who have evil policies and Pass rotten Bills into law in our Legislatures and Parliament ,where the laws are made by Bills passed into the law that the rest of us have to live with .
    When this is pointed out beyond a shadow of a doubt to them, many of these so called Churches of the Catholics and Protestants become very angry and start saying exactly the same things the Pagans say. What Saint Paul teaches us is true in a former Christian Democracy in Government, Law and education. He teaches,” It is for freedom Christ has set us free, stand firm then in your freedom , and do not let yourselves be burdened AGAIN by a yoke of slavery.”
    Only some of you listened to Professor Tom Landers in 2008 when he and his friends and fellow workers told you these same things after The rotten Supreme Court of Canada and Parliamentary Law of 2005, allowed the legal sexual exploitation of Canadian Children by perverse adults. Most of the people who helped us and demanded their politicians to pass a Bill raising the age of sex consent in 2008 were agnostics, while our priests,deacons and leaders were locked up in rooms preparing for their rituals to God knows who and refused to help us politically. Who did Our Lord’s work more the ones who are preached The Ten Commandments every day or the ones who have them naturally in their minds. At the reckoning who will have proven they love Jesus more?

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