Charles Lewis: Public money is religious too

Charles Lewis of the National Post wrote a great article regarding why private religious schools should be allowed the flexibility to teach what they believe rather than be forced to teach a morally relativistic course on ethics.  Key quote:

There is this increasing notion in our society that religious people need to stand in a corner and behave; that their stake in society is somewhere on the fringe and the “rest” of society occupies some sane middle ground.

There will be an almost knee jerk assumption that the values transmitted by the state are always superior to those taught by those who hold religious values. But this is not an argument but rather a heavy-handed tenet of the state religion called secularism.

Read the whole article here.

3 thoughts on “Charles Lewis: Public money is religious too

  1. Isn’t it fascinating how relativists who say they love the idea of tolerance reveal themselves to be the most bigoted.

  2. This absolutely ridiculous, I’m circumstantial (not liberal or conservative – although admittedly most of my values fall into liberalism) and I have to say, we live in an increasing multicultural world in which we cannot focus on one religion over anything else. There should be no catholic school, it is an affront to fairness and equality for all other religions, faiths and lifestyles.

  3. J M,

    If you think there should be no Catholic schools, would you then exempt Catholics from paying school taxes if they send their kids to private schools?

    You see, back in the old days, before the government ran the schools, Catholics ran their own schools which were paid out of the private donations of Catholic families. One day, the government came along and said: “Let’s make a deal: let government operate the Catholic schools for you, but in exchange, you have to send those donations to the government in the form of school taxes.” Given those terms, Catholics accepted the deal.

    J M, what you are advocating is for the government to rip off Catholics by keeping their money but taking away their Catholics schools. That’s a grave injustice. The only way your argument makes any sense is if Catholics who send their kids to private schools would be exempted from school taxes.

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