Charity for me but not for thee.

On the eve of his historic presentation to the Bishops of Canada, Dr. Richard Gaillardetz is combing the internet to gage the reaction to the critiques made against his theological and moral positions.  Even last night, a day or few before he is scheduled to give his talks, he’s offered his congratulations to the “charitable” exchange of ideas on the occasion of his presentation:

I would simply like to say how much I have appreciated the thoughtful and largely charitable debate on this thread regarding the lamentable controversy associated with my upcoming address to the bishops of your country. And for what it is worth, While I do not regret my support of President Obama, I do regret the flippant suggestion that he is pro-life. In the Oped piece in which I made that statement I was referring to a broad range of social policies. I have consistently opposed President Obama’s position on abortion. (Source)

While Dr. Gaillardetz is appreciative of the thoughtful and largely charitable debate on the thread, it seems that he forgot to extend that same charity to Dr. Robert Fastiggi, a fellow academic, who merely pointed out the deficiencies in his work. This is the charitable comment that Dr. Gaillardetz directed at Dr. Fastiggi:

In some cases the blatant misrepresentation of my views by the author of that document can only be seen as intentional and malicious. (Source)

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