One thought on “Charity, Clarity, Chastity: Prayer in Reparation for WorldPride 2014 in Toronto

  1. We fought Politically hard, to unite righteous Canadians to force our elected MP’s to pass a Bill into Law in 2008, that reversed harmful Legislation,and Supreme Court of Canada decisions of 2005. These laws decreed in 2005 had made Canada a Legal destination for sex trafficking predators and pedophiles,by human right! Our Political Action and Unity between 2005-8 put and end to the sexual exploitation of Canadian youth for the moment. We need to politically unite again to protect Canadian youth from these new exploitations. The exploiters and mutilators of Canadian children are relentless, so we need our righteous citizens to remain politically vigilant. This is going on everywhere in Western Civilization,and is coming from inside our Government,Law and Education Establishments. Only Political Action by our Canadian people in This Culture War that is raging all around us for the minds,souls ,and bodies of Canadian Children,can end this insanity.

    Kelly McParland | June 17, 2014, National Post

    . . . In addition to new pronouns, the Vancouver board also goes to considerable length to protect “privacy”, including, it would seem, keeping the student’s chosen new gender a secret from his/her or xyr parents. A provision in the policy notes that while the student’s chosen gender identity will “whenever possible” be included in class lists and timetables, “communications between school and home shall use a student’s legal name and the pronoun corresponding to the student’s gender assigned at birth” unless otherwise requested. It’s the student’s right to decide “when, with whom, and how much information to share”. They will also have the right “to dress in a manner consistent with their gender identity, or gender expression,” even if that is “not consistent with societal expectations of masculinity/femininity.”

    Students will be enabled to choose their preferred washroom, or “a reasonable alternative washroom” if they desire “increased privacy.” In such cases the alternative arrangement “will be provided in a way that protects the students’ ability to keep their trans status confidential.” It is not spelled out how other kids will be kept from reaching the obvious conclusion when students are seen using the “alternative washroom,” but that is one of the many difficulties that arises when school boards try to make hard and fast rules related to anything as amorphous as a young person’s self-image, particularly at a stage in development when identity issues are notoriously fraught and individuals are not at a level of maturity ideal for making such critical judgments. . . . .

    [The whole National Post article]

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