Chaput Caputs the Secularists

“Democracy,” Archbishop Chaput said, “does not mean putting aside our religious and moral beliefs for the sake of public policy. In fact, it demands exactly the opposite. Democracy depends on people of character fighting for their beliefs in the public square – legally, ethically and non-violently, but forcefully and without apology.”

“Democracy is not God. Only God is God. Even democracy stands under the judgment of God and God’s truths about human purpose and dignity.”

The Archbishop said contemporary society’s misuse of key words–such as “choice,” pluralism” and “community”–contributes significantly to the deforming of the human conscience.“Words like “tolerance” and “consensus” are important democratic working principles. But they aren’t Christian virtues, and they should never take priority over other words like charity, justice, faith and truth, either in our personal lives or in our public choices. (Source)


The fact that this has to be said is very sad indeed. Preach it, Bishop. If only your brother bishops would wake up and go and do likewise.

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