Champagne Soirée – Please come out!

So, as you all know, I’m hosting a little “Champagne Soiree” for James Shaw and Ruth Lobo Shaw on Thursday November 29 at 7:30pm.  And yes, there will be champagne and a nice spread to snack on.  James and Ruth will be doing a little presentation on their work.  There are two demographics that we are trying to attract:

#1 – Pro-lifers who are not yet convinced of CCBR’s approach.

#2 – Pro-lifers who are willing to financially support them in their work – either through a one-time donation or an ongoing committment.

The evening is a chance to have a congenial discussion  among pro-lifers on this very important movement, while enjoying friendship, a few laughs, and some fine food.  The Pacheco Family will be your hosts.

If you are interested in coming out and can drop a few bucks in the collection basket or, better yet, offer a monthly donation for their efforts, you are most welcome to join us.

I really do hope that you will consider coming out.  The pro-life movement needs people like James and Ruth, and they need you to support them.  Abortion will not get defeated with empty platitudes but by God’s grace and some cold hard cash.

Inquiries can be made here

One thought on “Champagne Soirée – Please come out!

  1. Christians ought to be able to prove, why legalizing the killing of children who ought to be safe in the warmth of their mother’s wombs, leads to even more trouble. Young people are now taught that they can get out of their responsibilities as parents, by legally killing their children before their birth. If we may legalize the killing of innocent children before their birth, we may legalize anything at all. Physicians and professionals are educated to think of abortion and suicide as though it were medicine. How is it even possible to think such thoughts, and then allow them to be legalized? Canada is a former Christian Country in Government, Law, and Education, which fought two World Wars as such. When Christians can’t prove why they believe what they believe, then Secular Atheism takes control of Government, Law and Education with it’s morality.

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