Chalice Update


Jan. 21, 2010 – Yesterday there was a serious after-quake that further threatened the lives of Haitians.  Contact was quickly reached with our Sponsor Site in Haiti North and although they felt the quake there was no additional damage or injuries. In Haiti South, because of their proximity to the quake it took much longer to confirm the status of our Site. This last quake occurred much closer to our Chalice communities than last week’s and there has been additional damage to buildings. An even greater sense of fear and anxiety has blanketed the people. The Bishop of Jeremie has been forced to leave his home which was one of the larger, well-constructed buildings in the area. Today, the staff of our Site are trying to have our offices and residence assessed by an Engineer with the UN to determine if we will be able to continue to operate within the buildings. There was a moment of joy yesterday when our Accountant, Mme. Pierre returned from Port-au-Prince to be reunited with her family. We are thankful for her safe return. The injured continue to arrive in Jeremie where our community is assisting in the provision of clothes, food and health care. Food stock has been secured but fuel remains our greatest challenge. We are now limited to foot travel as what is remaining from our fuel reserves is used to fuel generators to run communications. Please pray for God’s grace in assisting those responsible for the large fuel supply coming into the country and that it is quickly distributed to assist our humanitarian efforts. Many of our children and families are at considerable distances from Jeremie and we are hampered without vehicle assistance. Your donations and prayers continue to make a difference in the lives of Haitians and we are grateful.

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