Chalice scores A+ again

Money Sense published their annual ranking of Canadian charities for 2016. Once again, Chalice has scored A+ in every sub-category and in the overall score.

Of note, they scored A+ in the ever important “Efficiency” grade.  Did you know 92% of the money raised goes to the poor?  That means only 8% goes to administrative costs. That’s very impressive!

In contrast, at Development and Peace, only 72% of the money goes to the poor, meaning that a whopping 28% gets gobbled in administration fees. That earned them just a C+ on “Efficiency”.

More importantly, Chalice is 100% Catholic, with no shady dealings with dubious partners.  They’re reliable and trustworthy. They don’t just take care of the body, they also care for the soul by evangelizing their clients. That’s something D&P doesn’t do and that Money Sense couldn’t possible measure in their secular rankings. But it makes all the difference in the world.

Go with Chalice.

One thought on “Chalice scores A+ again

  1. We do have some good people, and ministries that have not bought into the so-called “neutrality” lie of the new State sanctioned religion-worldview of Secular Humanism. As our Lord said,”my sheep can distinguish My voice from that of the hireling.” Today to many are following shepherds who are hirelings,and who do not care for the flock.

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