Chalice Receives Highest Grade Among Canadian International Aid Organizations

From an Facebook message sent out to Chalice Supporters:

In a report issued on their website on June 17, MoneySense, a Canadian Financial Magazine, has given Chalice the highest rating among Canadian International Aid Organizations. The study measures the following criteria:
*Overall Charity Efficiency * Fundraising Efficiency * Governance and
Transparency * Reserve Fund Size and *Overall Grade. We are proud to announce that the Catholic Sponsorship Programme, Chalice, has achieved the highest grade in the International Aid and Development Category with an overall A rating. Fr Pat Cosgrove, President of Chalice, would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors, staff, overseas partners, and all the clergy and religious that support us in our mission of serving God in helping those most in need. Click here to read the story.

You’ll notice in the report that World Vision is not that efficient, but that’s the least of their problems, in my opinion.

I’m not sure why Development & Peace is not even listed.  Maybe they were so far down on the list, they weren’t even worth mentioning, considering their stats….

Financial Info Return (T3010) Year End–> Aug.31.09


Account Line # D&P Chalice
Management & administration 5010 $4,303,990 $500,822
Total expenditures 5100 $31,386,530 $16,099,423
Admin %   14% 3%

Median average overhead % for a charity is 9.6%. (Source)

4 thoughts on “Chalice Receives Highest Grade Among Canadian International Aid Organizations

  1. I don’t understand why anyone gives anything to D&P. They either don’t know about money going to support abortion, or they support it themselves. Thank you John for all your hard work about this. This website really is priceless. If anyone wants a reality check, they should visit this site.

  2. What really shocks me about the comparison of administrative costs in your table above (14% vs. 3%) is that Development and Peace gets a huge chunk of its funding from a government grant through CIDA. This requires minimal fund-raising effort. Yet, their overhead expenses are massive.

  3. A very well done commentary on D&P John. If you and LifeSite did not expose them we would not have known of the corruption in our midst.

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