Chalice: An alternative to “social justice” organizations

Hello Friend of Chalice!

Archbishop Prendergast has announced a Day of Prayer this Friday, December 4, 2009. We are calling the faithful to our new online Chalice Prayer Ministry to pray for Our Bishops, for their ministry within the diocese and the church at

Please forward this to as many people as you can so that we can get 1000 prayers online for Archbishop Prendergast’s Day of Prayer.  On Friday we will send him the link to show him how many people are praying.

To get started please register here:

Then follow the links to “Pray for our Bishops” – or click here:

Pray for Archbishop Prendergast

Thanks so much for your support!

In Peace and Prayer,

Heidi Jury

Relationships Coordinator

1-800-776-6855 ext 232

As my family is a supporter of Chalice, we received the above email today.  I find it very classy.  Chalice, of course, is an authentic Catholic aid and relief organization unlike Development & Peace or Save A Family Plan, who, unfortunately, cannot claim the same thing.

Check out a website they have setup which they have devoted just for this cause to find out why you should be supporting them and not the social justice frauds the Canadian Church is involved in today.

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