Chalice: agent of evangelization

I got a letter from Chalice during the holidays.  There were some interesting highlights, especially this one:

CHALICE is not and NGO that helps create dependency; it’s a family that helps form good Christians and honest citizens.

Their workshops with children also include, among other things, “Christian formation”.

In other words, they don’t just feed the poor and clothe the naked, they also pass on the Faith through evangelization. Isn’t that what an authentic Catholic charity should be doing?  Why should we be embarrassed to preach the Good News while we’re supporting their livelihood, education and financial independence? Isn’t their spiritual well-being more important than their physical well-being? Don’t take my word for it, listen to Jesus Christ: “For what will it profit them to gain the whole world and forfeit their life?” (Mark 8:36)

Frankly, I admire Chalice’s balanced and compassionate approach, caring for both the body and the soul.

When did you ever hear something like that from Development and Peace?  I don’t recall seeing any material on their site about evangelization. What a shame. Pope Francis told us that the Church shouldn’t simply be an NGO. Unfortunately, that’s what D&P really is.

One thought on “Chalice: agent of evangelization

  1. Many Christians today are Secular Humanist Christians,which is an oxymoron. Unfortunately they behave as seculars while masquerading as Christians, and few today can tell the difference. Our Western Civilizations governments have changed constitutional religions in Government, Law and Education. Since the 1960’s school children have been indoctrinated by adult school teachers, and special interest activists to believe that the morbid values of Secular Humanism, are healthy and normal. Since this new religion replaced Christianity in Government, Law and Education in the 1960’s all sorts of criminality has been legalized, such as abortion, to morbid sodomy. Secular Humanism while calling itself neutral, is a religious value system which has been indoctrinating our society through Government, Law and Education. We can change this evil indoctrination politically, if we unite to protect our children, and nominate, support and then elect Traditional Family Values representatives, and hold them accountable. Political ineptness in a democracy is a crime against humanity.
    Our Lord described deceivers such as these, ” You travel over land and sea to make a single convert, but once he is converted you make a devil of him twice as wicked as yourselves.” Secular Humanist ministries, which support secular indoctrination, but masquerade as Christian are diabolical. Squeaker your conclusion rings true.

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