Chair of Toronto Catholic School Board Tries to Usurp Trustees Authority

Just when you thought you’d seen it all in the Catholic school system, they find a way to further disgust you.

The Toronto trustees are preparing to vote on a motion tomorrow to replace the government-mandated Gay-Straight Alliances with the Archdiocese’s Catholic alternative called Respecting Differences. That’s great news. But the Chair of the Board, Ann Andrachuk, almost hijacked the democratic process by unilaterally removing the vote from the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting. 

Fortunately, the trustees didn’t take it lying down and came out swinging at the Chair. They forced her to reinstate the vote in the agenda for tomorrow. They didn’t mince words either.

“I do really think that you’ve overstepped your authority and in doing so it’s sort of like a dictatorship,” said Rizzo, while also emphasizing that she does not support Tanuan’s motion.

“We’ve had notices of motions for ever and ever and ever.  I have never heard you say, I’m going to pull this because I don’t like what it says,” Rizzo added. “We’re smart people, we can figure it out. … You are not our mommy and I really resent that you are treating us in this way.” (Source)

Keep in mind that trustees are elected by the general population during municipal elections. The foundations of democracy were almost usurped. Chair Andrachuk also had the nerve to tell the trustees not to tweet her repressive statements to the outside world. Hush hush.

Why are these dictator-wannabe’s allowed to stay employed in the school board? They should be throw out on their ear.

Please pray that the trustees will vote in favour of ditching the GSAs and moving to Respecting Differences. You can also sign a petition here.

One thought on “Chair of Toronto Catholic School Board Tries to Usurp Trustees Authority

  1. Just signed the petition. Chair Andrachuk should resign, period. Thank God for the trustees who would not be cowed into this form of dictatorship.

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