Censorship U. Is Getting Sued


Carleton Lifeline Seeks Restitution Carleton Lifeline, the pro-life club at Carleton University, has sued the University and its administration for the discriminatory treatment they have been subjected to during the 2010-2011 academic school year. “We believe that the behaviour of the University is actionable. We have suffered discrimination and intimidation, we have been arrested and threatened and we are seeking restitution”, said Ruth Lobo, President of Carleton Lifeline.

“The University’s discriminatory actions are shocking, to say the least. We want to ensure, through law, that this behaviour is not repeated at Carleton University ever again.” Lifeline is asking the Court to declare that Carleton University and its administration have breached their own internal policies regarding freedom of expression, academic freedom and discrimination.

As such, Lifeline is also requesting that the University is ordered to comply with these internal policies. On October 4, 2010, Carleton University had members of Lifeline handcuffed, arrested, charged and fined with trespassing for attempting to display an exhibit that the University administration deemed disturbing and offensive due to the graphic nature of the display. In November 2010, Carleton University’s administration provided Lifeline with an ultimatum regarding the expression of their opinions and threatened further arrests.

“Carleton University has allowed other exhibits using graphic images on campus” commented Albertos Polizogopoulos, Carleton Lifeline’s lawyer. “Clearly the University opposes Lifeline’s message and not its medium. This is censorship and viewpoint discrimination and it violates Carleton University’s internal policies.”

To view a copy of the Statement of Claim, please visit www.carletonlifeline.wordpress.com

For more information, please call Carleton Lifeline at 613-600-4791 or Lifeline’s lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos at 613 -241-2701 Ext: 243

If the Students get an uncorrupted judge, they’re gonna win too.

4 thoughts on “Censorship U. Is Getting Sued

  1. Uncorrupted Judge? HAHAHAHAHA. Please, most of them are Liberal in their politics and views and tow the government/secular society line. Since when is a judge or Justice of the Peace ever uncorruptible anymore? Also their success will depend on the lawyer they hire and whether that lawyer is experienced with gray hair (higher success). The expression is “Lady Justice is blind.”

  2. Our laws are made in our Legislatures and Parliament. The bad and mischievous legislation or good and beneficial is put in The Canadian Human Rights Act and thus the majority of The Supreme Court Of Canada Justices decide how to interpret the legislation into Canadian Law.
    In a democracy the citizens are responsible and accountable for the laws of the land, and all arguments against this view have been eliminated by the late professor Tom Landers and friends. There is a Culture War raging for the minds and souls of our people. There are too many people allowing the diabolical to have its way in our Culture.

  3. In its December 20, 2005 decision The Supreme Court of Canada legalized a type of business activity previously restricted by Canadian Law, overturning two previous Court of Appeal decisions that had ruled group-sex clubs qualified as bawdy houses violating community decency standards and were therefore illegal.

    Now under Canadian Law consenting 14 year old’s are considered adults. The courts controversial decision has made Canada a sex traffickers playground for pedophiles.

    Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin was joined by Justices Major, Binnie, Deschamps, Fish, Abella and Charron in the sex-club decision.
    Dissenting Justices, Michael Bastarache, and Louis LeBel, said the high court’s ruling,” strips of all relevance the social values that the Canadian community as a whole believes should be protected,” according to the Globe and Mail newspaper.

    Bill C313 to raise the age of sex consent was defeated 167 to 99 on September 28,2005. 90 FEDERAL Conservatives voted to raise the age of sex consent, and of the rest of the POLITICAL PARTIES IN CANADA PUT TOGETHER ONLY 9 MEMBERS VOTED TO RAISE THE AGE OF SEX CONSENT. How our MP’s voted was on the website http://www.parl.gc.ca

    Social Conservatives have to unite and the liberal-minded change their minds and join us as some already have by looking at the consequences of their choices on Canadian society.

    We worked hard to change this mischievous legislation and bad law, and were successful in doing so in 2008. Ask John Pacheco. Two Supreme Court Justices agreed with us. If our students get a reasonable Judge they have a chance for victory in this Culture War we find ourselves in. This used to be a Christian Country with The Ten Commandments on Classroom, Courtroom, Legislature and Parliament walls.

  4. Professor Tom Landers,” himself ” helped a friend win a Supreme Court Order against a fiend in Canada. It took about six years of what is called due process. We need help from concerned citizens in Canada like we got between 2005 and 2008. Many young people volunteered and helped us. Most were former Catholics and Protestants chased out by liberal church leaders and their followers. Obviously there is something broken in the liberal teaching Institutional Church. The flood gates of recruits to help us has not materialized since then as Tom Landers predicted after we stopped 2005 bad Supreme Court Law, and Government Legislation that made a loop hole in Canadian Law that allowed Canada to be a legal playground for Sex Traffickers and Pedophiles. Professor’s Tom Landers ,Walter Szetela and friends plugged this loop hole in Canadian Law in 2008 and showed everyone who would care to know how to do this. Tom knew the law inside out and made trousered apes out of most lawyers and judges. With The Living Tree Evolving Society interpretation of law nearly any arbitrary decision will do now that The Ten Commandments are off Parliament , Legislature, Courtroom, Classroom walls by Court and Government decree. Who do you suppose has allowed this to happen?
    We need help from those who’s minds Politically Correct Relativism has not yet destroyed. Also from those citizens who now believe relativism is nonsense and have changed their minds because of the consequences this is having on Western civilization. Many Nicolaitans call themselves Catholics and Protestants. In a democracy the citizens are responsible and accountable for the laws of the country to the later generations. Tom and our friends have taught us well so we must become politically alive and make a better world where democracy is still in action. We have to answer for what we have allowed our World to become.

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