2 thoughts on “Celebrate in Song: Two critiques of the new CCCB booklet

  1. This new liturgy took over 10 years to complete and this is what they’ve come up with?

    I ask myself a question that my wife asks me often, is it going to make a difference in saving a soul?

    My answer to that question for this is a definite no. It is just change for the sake of change.

    This was a complete waste of time. I’ve heard the proponents saying that this will help people to have a closer relationship with Jesus in the Mass. I would love to take a poll after say a year or so and ask parishioners, “Has the new Mass brought you a closer relationship with Jesus in the Mass?”.

    You can bet the overwhelming answer would be no.

    With all the problems of losing members and the clergy being liberal, this is what they’ve come up with. What a laugh. All the criticisms aside from the report on Catholicinsight and unlike what Raymond Levesque has said that this is a positive development, it isn’t a positive development, it is a waste of time.

  2. Hey Sean. I agree with you 100%. I want to give these changes every chance to succeed but so far my opinion is that the changes are counter productive. I am having a hard time warming up to the new words and phrases. I have to wonder why the Holy Spirit apparently came up short 40 years ago but now the new crew who have run us into the ground are so in touch.

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