D&P Should Be Disbanded

LifeSiteNews.com is turning out to be quite the clearing house for all you need to know about the latest scandals in the Canadian Catholic Church.

Coming off the heals of exposing the soft abortion policy of St. Joseph’s Catholic hospital in London for the past 20 years, and the unbelievable gross negligence of the Diocese of London during this time (and that is a charitable assessment, by the way) and the complicity of Catholic theologians in approving of these so-called “early inductions” at the hospital, LifeSiteNews has posted a followup article on the scandalous activities of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP).  Beside confirming the facts of their earlier article on the matter with a Pro-Life source in Mexico, they pointed out another news story by the American National Catholic Register which details CCODP’s funding of a Bolivian organization that actively campaigns for legal abortion.

Like the notorious Winnipeg Statement which sold out Canadians and much of the English speaking world to sexual slavery these past 40 years, the scandalous activities of the CCODP provide yet another example of the deep rot within the Canadian Catholic Church and its organs.  Let’s put the cards on the table here, folks: the betrayal and negligence can only be described as staggering in breadth and depth.  And that is only what we know of.  When it’s all said and done, I’m not sure that we will want to know what the actual damage is.

But I see that the CCODP is not admitting that the jig is up.  Their executive director, Michael Casey, has responded to the original LifeSite article.  Unfortunately, there is little to say about the actual facts that the LifeSite article reported on.  Of the little that was said, here is what was volunteered on the subject:

I strongly and unequivocally reiterate to you that the work of Development and Peace fully respects and follows the teachings of the Catholic Church on the inherent dignity of the human person. We do not, in any way, support projects that would contravene these fundamental principles, most certainly not projects related to abortion. It is dangerously irresponsible and slanderous on the part of some journalists, through ill-conceived conjecture and hypothesis, to deliberately misinterpret the social justice initiatives of our southern partners in this light.

Let’s take the first sentence in Mr. Casey’s remarks above. The question here is not the personal beliefs of the individuals who work there or even the stated mission or beliefs of the organization as a whole.  No Catholic organization can operate by openly opposing what the Catholic Church teaches. On paper, everyone can be Catholic, after all.  What counts here, however, is whether the actions conform to Catholic beliefs, and more importantly where the money is ending up. That’s where the rubber hits the road.

Mr. Casey then goes on to claim that none of the projects contravene the fundamental principles of the Catholic Church.  That is a debatable point, but it might be technically true. Nevertheless, when the CCODP gives money to pro-abortion organizations and these groups ostensibly promise to spend it on good and noble causes, there’s a couple of obvious questions which CCODP donors need answered. 

First, what guarantees is Mr. Casey receiving from these groups that the money is not being directly used to promote abortion?  Their word, perhaps? What good is that, given their position on abortion?  And, secondly, even if the CCODP were given some kind of guarantee, the funds donated by Catholics will simply replace other money donated from other people (perhaps pro-aborts) to further the pro-abortion agenda.  If these groups spend 25% of the budget promoting abortion, that likely means that 25 cents of every dollar that Catholics donate is being directed to killing babies.  As if it needs to be said, and apparently it does, any organization that actively campaigns or even supports abortion should not be eligible for money from the Catholic faithful WHATEVER ELSE THEY MAY DO.  Period. This is basic common sense, basic prudence, and basic morality.   The CCODP is adopting a slick way of basically saying that we can donate to Barack Obama without supporting abortion.  

The last sentence in his remarks above is particularly offensive.  After refusing to address the FACTS OF WHAT LIFESITE REPORTED, Mr. Casey goes on to try and browbeat LifeSite by alleging “irresponsible and slanderous” journalism.


Then why doesn’t he address the facts as they are reported in the article?  Is there an error somewhere in the amount of money that was reported to have been sent to these groups?  Do these groups not actively support abortion?  Is there an error there?  And what about the National Catholic Register’s column? Any inaccuracies there? 

No? Then what’s the problem, Mr. Casey? Why are you throwing around baseless accusations when everything being reported about the CCODP is true? 

If everything reported is accurate, then Mr. Casey’s objections are not really about the reporting itself, but about the fact that few, if any, Catholics will share his curious calculus of “following the teaching of the Catholic Church on the inherent dignity of the human person” by funding pro-abortion organizations.

The hierarchy in this country needs to shake its cumbaya-type, laissez-faire approach to accountability, and apply some basic rules of management and fiscal and moral responsibility to the organizations under its supervision.  Thousands of unborn lives literally are depending on it.  This blood money needs to stop flowing NOW.  Not next week or next month or at the Bishops’ conference meeting later in the year.  It needs to stop right now, at this very instant.

And the CCODP house needs to be cleaned out from top to bottom or folded and dropped completely.

Fire. Them. All.

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6 thoughts on “D&P Should Be Disbanded

  1. I just emailed the BC Catholic newspaper and asked when they intend to write an article about the CCODP scandal.

    I suggest others ask their local Catholic newspaper the same question.


  2. This is so scandulous. I read the interview with CCODP and LSN. Brunelli is confused individual. I also read the CCCB statement, which was like a slap in the face: “…we are invited to follow His example-to give of ourselves, that others may live.”
    I am sending my bishop a letter and pushing to get answers. CCODP is not catholic. Bishops MUST clean up or distance themselves. Time for action!
    I am putting a photocopy of the LSN report in my lenten offering envelop on the 29th.


  3. How do we get word out to the parishioners about this situation?
    My own priest, yesterday said it was all okay, but I researched further,
    and emailed him back and told him , no, they are involved in abortion.

    Any advice how to get more of the laity aware of this?


  4. Development and Peace is a genuine organization that supports and works for the building of the kingdom of God. Lifesitenews is an evil ultra-right wing organization whose only purpose is to defame and malign D&P because it works for social change. I will continue supporting D&P and I encourage people to write to lifesitenews to condemn its evil deeds.

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