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  1. John,

    Thanks for your excellent documentation on the D&P issue. Could you urge your readers to contact the bishops and their pastor asap. A decision about the D&P collection should be iminent, as the collection is scheduled to occur this Sunday in all churches in Canada. I also wrote the Papal Nuncio of Canada yesterday at apostolic.nunciature@rogers.com Apostolic Nuncio of Canada (Archbishop Ventura) Thanks, John. When I was doing Confirmation prep yesterday with my daughter, I came across this phrase in Acts, and I thought of you right away- “Do not be afraid. Go on speaking and do not be silenced, for I am with you. No one will attack you or harm you.” Acts 18: 9-10

    God bless,
    Kathie Hogan
    Parry Sound, ON

  2. Is the income tax from D&P available to the public? Since it is a charitable organization, is it open for the public to see if a person wanted to obtain it from rev.can.?

  3. Sorry Monique, what do you mean the “income tax”. Since they are a charity, they have to file a financial return which is available to the public.

  4. Okay so are there any official financial statements that list the names of the recipients with the monies given to them by D&P?

    Do these abortion groups have financial statements showing that they received the money from D&P? Can’t they FAX them?

    Why are they going to Mexico? Doesn’t D&P have their own accounting statements that shows where their (OUR) money went? Or am I just missing somethin’ ?
    Thank you

  5. You would have to ask for the financial statement of D&P, but typically the level of detail you would require would not be available. The only way is to have the bishops force D&P to provide this information. That does not look likely at this point.

  6. I see that you are ready to do anything to destroy people’s life.
    God is the only judge.

    I will pray for you and for all of us during this time of persecution.

  7. I’m not destroying anyone’s life, Ginny.

    On the contrary, D&P is faciliating the destruction of millions of lives.

    All you have to do is to re-orient their position on abortion, and you can hug as many trees and push as much dirt as you want.

    Don’t blame us for merely reporting the evidence. If you don’t like the evidence then encourage D&P and its bishops to change their behaviour and attitude, and your problems go away.

  8. You have not even seen the recommendations. They should be available soon.

    You have not even made constructive recommendations to D&P except condemning everything that D&P does.

  9. The recommendations will not contradict the Archbishop’s denial of wrong-doing. Therefore, they will not address the problem because the problem has not been admitted. But I am open to being surprised.

    As for constructive recommendations, I have indeed offered many of them, but they are not accepted because D&P can’t even admit the truth…like you Ginny. If you can’t concede the facts, there’s not much point in talking.

    And as for condemning “everything that D&P does”, that’s patently false. The focus of my criticism has been its funding of pro-abortion groups. I don’t particularly agree with its leftist slant on some issues, but these are not the focus of demands of reform.

  10. Very well.
    Let’s see what those recommendations will be. With all budget cuts, heavier workload of program officers and the economic crisis which D&P also suffers from, policies might need to be clarified. I do not know… but I hope that things will get better because the poors of the South will suffer immensely and when I think about that, I feel pain and it is like being stabbed in the heart. You say that I have a hard time, admitting the “truth”. Yes, for sure because this is not what I have witnessed. I have visited many partners in the South, particularly in Mexico, Guatemala and Bolivia, and none of them were doing abortion advocacy but they were working on issues, such as : just laws, community leadership and services, safe water, sanitation, literacy, aboriginal rights, etc…
    Christians need to be united not in war. We are all working for God’s Kingdom and are doing what we are best at. I work mostly in social justice issues which include pro-life issues but from a different angle than you. There is so much that need to be done.
    At the moment, there is a bill, Bill C-384, at the House of Commons and it pushes legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide. It is another threat to life.
    Let’s pray for peace and harmony for us and for all !

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