CCHD still shilling for the wrong crowd…again

A revolution and war is coming in the Catholic Church

Or we don’t really believe what we profess. 

In China, the faithful smell out a phony, get up, and walk when he shows up. 

…It is true that the government gave the go ahead for these ordinations after a period of closure and it is true that Beijing is well aware and agree that these ordinations have the approval of the Holy See. The point is that now Beijing can not do otherwise, without the approval of the Holy See, a Chinese bishop can not celebrate, he is no longer respected by the faithful, if he presents himself in a church, the faithful leave.  Ma Yinglin is the very proof of this.  In his own diocese of Kunming, he has only a few dozen who follow him, most of whom are paid with money or favours to attend ceremonies…. (Source)

Perhaps it’s time for Catholics in North America to petition Rome for alternative oversight.  We have too many “Ma Yinglins” – bishops who have long sold out to what the government and the culture want.  

At least China has an underground Church.  Can we have one too?

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